Anti-Stress Activities That Adults Need In Their Life

Anti-Stress Activities That Adults Need In Their Life

These tips will help you make a conscious effort to regulate your stress levels.
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From minor issues to major crises, we’ve all experienced stress somewhere, somehow. And even after overcoming a wave of stress and anxiety this past year, along with an array of other emotions, we still are successful in finding ways to worry ourselves.

And so, to help you get into a calmer state of mind and help relax your body, here are 6 anti-stress activities you need right now.

Laugh out loud, and we mean loud
Let laughter fill your heart | Image: File Image

The ancients have it correct; laughter truly is the best medicine and a good laugh can noticeably reduce the stress levels of your body and help you relax. Search for series or shows that can help you have a good laugh or head out for a comedy show, or simply turn to a friend who loves to share jokes. And even if those jokes sound terrible to you, allow yourself a belly-aching laugh to alleviate the stress from your body.

Give yourself a scalp massage

Research shows that massaging your scalp can have a significant effect on your cortisol levels and heart rate and let’s just all agree that they feel absolutely heavenly. And while it may be an Indian beauty ritual to treat yourself to an oil massage, you can DIY your own relaxing routine to help you reach a more meditative state.

Quick bursts of movement

Exercise is considered one of the most important activities to adopt when combating stress. Believe it or not, putting physical stress on your body can help reduce mental stress. Exercise not only decreases your cortisol levels but also improves your mood and acts as a natural pain killer. So, the next time you feel an anxious moment rising up your body, try quick bursts of movement like jumping jacks, jump rope skips or simply dancing around to help alleviate the stress.

Indulge in aromatherapy
The essential oils will calm your mind and body | Image: File Image

Using scents to treat your mood can be a great way to get out of a stressful state of mind. Aromatherapy can help you relax, lift your mood and make you feel more present in the moment. So whether you prefer candles, diffusers, or products that smell heavenly, indulge your senses with stress-reducing scents like lavender, rose, frankincense, sandalwood, ylang ylang, orange blossom, and roman chamomile.

Get yourself a colouring book

If you thought colouring books were meant just for kids then we’re sad to say that you’re terribly wrong. Colouring books offer a special type of mindfulness that helps achieve a zen mode. The meditative process of colouring inside the lines, using strict colours for particular sections and calling out to your creative genius can help take your mind off stressful things.


While most of us may have our heads in the clouds for the majority of the day, our feet need to be on the ground to feel absolutely grounded. From tiled floors to asphalt roads and cement sidewalks, we’re constantly on the move, literally not letting our feet on the ground. Find a space in nature where you can walk barefoot. It can be a lawn, a garden, a small patch of grass that you found, anything. This energetic connection that we feel when our body connects to the earth is said to reduce blood pressure levels almost immediately.

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