3 Unusual Meditation Techniques Worth Trying

3 Unusual Meditation Techniques Worth Trying

Did you know that there are as many meditation techniques as there are sports? Let's find the perfect meditation technique for you.
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If you’re someone who hasn’t experienced the infinite emotional and physical benefits of meditation, the idea of sitting down and breathing rhythmically may feel alien to you. However, meditation is more than that, it’s a practice of focused attention intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness. Plus, there are an umpteen number of meditation techniques that you can explore.  

Nearly all religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, have a tradition of using meditative practices which has been embraced all over the world for thousands of years. And while it does have religious purposes, many practice is independently to reap the benefits of the psychotherapeutic technique. Some of the reasons why you should embrace meditation are:  

  • Meditation reduces stress 
  • It increases your sense of well-being  
  • Meditation increases your sense of connectedness and empathy  
  • It improves focus  
  • It improves relationships  
  • It makes you more creative  
  • Meditation improves creativity  
  • It improves your ability to make sound decisions  
  • It helps people overcome addictions  
  • It improves cardiovascular health  
  • It enhances your immune system  
  • Meditation help you find your “flow”  
  • It reduces physical and emotional pain  
  • It takes you toward a state of enlightenment; of perfect happiness and understanding  

To open up this path of enlightenment for yourself, let’s learn what are some different types unusual meditation techniques worth trying?

3 Unusual Meditation Techniques Worth Trying

1. Crystal Meditation  

crystal meditation
meditation technique

There’s a long history spanning over thousands of years exploring the use of crystals for healing and protection. Many forms of meditation use crystals to deepen the practice and achieve a higher state of focus and concentration. Crystal Meditation is used when attempting to fix a specific problem and the different coloured stones are used to cleanse specific chakras of the body. You can also meditate with crystals in a hot bath, just refrain from using selenite or calcite as they will dissolve. A third method is to create a crystal grid or circle by placing the crystals in an intentional shape around you or in front of you, giving you a focal point during meditation.  

2. Music Meditation  

Music has been known as the antidote to stress and anxiety, as well as an array of psychological issues. It can calm your physiology without making a conscious effort to aid stress and relax the mind. Music also has the healing power of lifting your mood, slowing your breath and creating tranquil changes that calm the mind and body. Combining music with meditation deepens the healing benefits of both and bring you a greater sense of ease and relaxation.  

music meditation
meditation technique

3. Daily Life Practice Meditation  

Daily Life Practice Meditation or Samu Work Meditation is a type of meditation used in the Zen tradition which works more towards mastering the mind than the body. It begins with treating every activity in your day with a meditative approach, slowing down to half of your usual speed and attempting to stay conscious of your thoughts. The words of Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk and author of The Miracle of Mindfulness sum up this experience perfectly, “washing the dishes to wash the dishes”, which means meaningless chores need to be transformed into conscious tasks that you’re immersing yourself in to stay in the present moment.  

There is no cookie-cutter approach to meditation, finding the right stay comes with umpteen practice and experimentation. There’s a unique type out there that works best for your unique needs and personality.  

Try this music meditation for calm to start your practice.

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