Students! Gather Around For These Memory Boosting Tips!

Students! Gather Around For These Memory Boosting Tips!

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As a student, I remember panicking during exams. Even after pulling off an all-nighter, I would still feel that I’m forgetting things. If only someone had given me effective tips to improve long term memory in students back then! Nevertheless, you have a heads-up as these tips are sure to help you, not only during exams but also in your day-to-day life  –

6 Ways How To Improve Long Term Memory In Students:

Healthy diet:

Fruits like bananas, watermelons, apricots, cantaloupe are good for memory. Green vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli, and winter squash also help to improve memory. Reduce the intake of processed foods, butter, cream, etc. and eat complex carbohydrates found in whole grain, lentils, and beans.


Physical exercise increases the oxygen supply to the brain, which makes it another great way to boost memory!

Adequate sleep:

One very big reason for memory loss is the lack of sleep. Inadequate sleep generally leads to weak memory. Get enough and peaceful sleep to improve brain health.

Low-stress levels:

Leading a stressful life is sure to affect your memory. Lessen your stress levels by participating in fun activities such as –

  • Spending quality time with your loved ones
  • Taking long nature walks
  • Laughing and having a good time with friends
  • Playing a sport
  • Reading
Exercising your brain:

Physical work-outs kept aside, there are some specific exercises for the brain that one must try! One can do this, by attempting new things, taking up new challenges. Also, by visiting new places and reading different things, you can make sure your brain works harder and adopts new concepts.

Train your brain to retain new information:

Things like mnemonic devices, acronyms, visual clues, repetition or making your own story around the fact, can train your brain to retain new information.

How Can You Think Right To Memorise Better? 

  • Take up one tip at a time and see what works best.
  • Try some meditation or breathing techniques to keep the head clear.
  • During exams, start studying well in advance to avoid information overload.

Source: Med India

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