How To Keep Up With The Sports You Play?

How To Keep Up With The Sports You Play?

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. The world has confined itself to limited spaces and we must work within what we have to stay physically and mentally fit
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Here a few things you can do in order to keep yourself conditioned as a sportsperson.

Reset your goals

Your goals aren’t going to be the same as pre-pandemic. You have loads of time, but fewer resources. Reset your goals in terms of them being realistically possible and feasible to your health and safety.

Make time for sports in your daily life
Make time for sports in your daily life | Image: File Image
Study the competition and yourself

Take this time to study your competition. Document their journey, see where you have an edge. Where you can work better and put in more effort. Analysing your own weaknesses and strengths will give you a better edge since you can work in it yourself.

Study the competition
Control your diet

Being at home has the luxury of eating whatever you want to. The fact that you are at home should not change anything. Stick to a diet plan. Make it even more healthier because you will not be getting as much physical exercise as you did before.

Make a clear routine

Making a time table always helps with time management. Increase your time for sleep and recovery, and reduce your time from screens and visuals that you don’t require. Study how you can better at the sport. Watch your opponent, and see how they work. Learn and absorb.

The Olympics may have been shifted to next year, or you may not be a participant but there is no harm in keeping yourself fit, focused and healthy.

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