How To Maintain Your Work-Life Balance During A Relationship

How To Maintain Your Work-Life Balance During A Relationship

Managing your professional and personal life is a balancing act – but we have some helpful relationship tips that can make your work and love life balance easier.
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With your packed daily schedule and never-ending to-do list, it’s natural to feel challenged when it comes to balancing your professional goals and be a good partner. On particularly stressful days, it may even feel impossible to maintain work-life balance.  

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely in the middle of trying to balance your work and relationship, so we’ll cut to the chase. While your workload can affect your love life, it’s more the stress of trying to balance your two worlds that causes the real damage.  

But here’s the truth: Managing a job you love and keeping the love strong in your relationship is possible. You’re not alone if you’re seeking a better balance between your work life and your love life – and you have options.  

You just need to work at it.  

Tips for Managing Your Work-Love-Life Balance 

To help you find more stability with your partner, try to: 

1. Do Emotional Check-ins Regularly  

When you have a busy work schedule, life tends to pass you by more quickly. Consider taking a step back occasionally, with your partner. Ask them crucial questions. How are they feeling? Do they feel seen? Do they feel supported by you? Discuss what you both could do to feel more connected and establish a healthy work-life balance.

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2. Slide Into their DMs 

As cheesy as it sounds, sometimes it feels nice to know your partner is thinking of you. If you have a free second at work, maybe you could send your partner a text message, a funny reel, or a sweet post that reminded you of them. On days when you know you’re about to be completely occupied, communicate and let them know you’ll be away from your phone.  

3. Establish Date Night Rules  

Dedicating one night a week, or even a month that both you and partner know is your scheduled date night can help you organize your needs on other days of the week. It also gives you something to look forward to no matter how busy your schedule gets.  

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4. Practice Active Listening  

When your time is limited, making a few moments that count with your partner is essential. The best way to do that is to practice active listening and to actually be present in the moment.  

Checking your phone every few minutes is tempting but try to be present with your partner. Avoid “phubbing” which means snubbing someone with your phone, as a 2020 study found that, in couples, phubbing often negatively affects spouses’ mental health. Keep your phone and work-related things aside to establish a healthy work-life balance.  

5. Set Healthy Boundaries  

Finding a healthy balance between love and work requires setting healthy boundaries. Communicate your needs with your partner and set effective boundaries around them. For example, an extra hour of sleep, or staying late for that important meeting without feeling any sense of guilt. You can also set boundaries together, like no phones at dinner or when spending quality time together.  

6. Dream Together 

Don’t be afraid to dream together. Create a bucket list of things you want to achieve or experience together and give you a common goal to work towards together. Have a list of both small and big goals that you want to achieve with your partner.  

7. Ask For Help  

When you’re stretched too thin, reach out to your partner for help. Even if it’s as simple as groceries and laundry. You might worry about being a burden. But consider this: Your partner would much rather be asked to help than feel completely helpless when you’re stressed.  

8. Love  

Above all, count on love. Practice loving your partner. Showing your love can be as simple as giving them a small compliment or as grand as taking a day off with the sole purpose to reconnect. Tell them you love them, and ensure they feel seen.  

This is especially difficult when you work opposite hours from your partner. In trying times like that get a little more creative. Know that it’s possible to boost your bond even if your work schedules conflict.  

These affirmations can help you manifest love and compassion in relationships.

Before you take your next step, consider first balancing on your own two feet, closing your eyes, and taking a deep breath to get grounded. Try to gently remind yourself that you can do what you love and be with who you love – with a bit of balance.  

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