How To Make Your Weekend More Productive?

How To Make Your Weekend More Productive?

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One thing we all must have done at some point in life, and probably are still doing, is wiling away our weekends. By Friday we are absolutely exhausted, and spend out weekends doing nothing. Mondays are then filled with regret and we spend the entire week crying over our unproductivity. Finding new productive ways to spend our weekends, will make us feel better too.

6 Tips to make your weekend more productive

  • Sleep well: To do anything your body and mind need to be well-rested. And while we are working the entire week, we need to make sure we get enough sleep over the weekend. Not doing so keeps us groggy the next week and affects our productivity.
  • Make a do-to list: Just as you plan your week’s agenda, you should plan your agenda for the weekend too. On Friday make a list of work you need to accomplish over the weekend. This may be visiting friends, grocery shopping or arranging your cleaning your home. The list will make sure you have completed everything by the end of Sunday.
  • Stay off social media: Throughout the week we are glued to our devices, laptops, mobile phones etc. make it a point to stay off your social media over the weekend.
  • Make time for yourself: Between reaching home and leaving for work the next morning, there is very little time for yourself. Over the weekend make time for yourself, visit a salon, clear your closet. Do the things that might rejuvenate you.
  • Plan your week ahead:  Before your weekend finishes, take out just an hour on Sunday to plan your week ahead. Schedule in meetings you need to attend, work that needs to be completed and events that need to be attended. Once you have a plan in place, you will no longer have Monday blues.

Divide your time: Weekends are meant to relax. Nothing in excess is good, so divide your time equally through the weekend. Schedule time for movies, social gatherings, hobbies etc.

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