Office Politics? Tackle It Like A Boss!

Office Politics? Tackle It Like A Boss!

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If you are surrounded by gossipy co-workers and constantly feel suffocated during those 8 hours of office, then these tips will be of great help! Having supportive and friendly colleagues is not less than a blessing, as office politics can really take the better of you. It hampers productivity and overall peace of mind. So, learning how to manage politics in the workplace is really crucial!

If the management can undertake the following measures, office politics can be easily curbed –

How To Manage Politics In The Workplace:


Open communication and transparent work culture – this instills a sense of pride and loyalty. This give-take relationship depends on honest two-way communication. So, it should be prevalent among every employee. Remember, open communication leads to a happy work environment!

how to manage politics in the workplace
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Listen to both sides

Firing the culprit is not the answer every time. Sure, it may remove the root cause of the problem. But, it does not provide answers for the next time such a thing happens. Reason things out. Identify the main problem and dissolve it internally. Try and focus on creating a win-win situation for everyone. 

Read the signs

It is important to be able to read the moods of your employees. Are they happy or is something bothering them? An upset or disturbed employee can be unintentionally unproductive. Sensing the pulse of the workplace is extremely crucial. It helps envision the future of the company.


A new concept and unconventional way of management. Holacracy means that everyone has decision-making authority. The organization functions on self-governance. No bosses, no managers. Every employee is their own boss and has the liberty to take decisions pertaining to their field or job profile.

ThinkRight Tips:

  • Please remember that office politics only harms the individual and the entire workforce.
  • As an employer, you should be able to point these issues out and rectify them as soon as possible. 
  • As for employees, if something is pricking you, it is better to talk to the concerned person directly, rather than discussing it with your co-workers.

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