How To Not Get Affected By What Others Think Of You

How To Not Get Affected By What Others Think Of You

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It is human nature to want everyone around you to like you. Be it for your talents, your intelligence or even your nature. Unfortunately, we start believing that this acceptance from others defines us. We start relying on their opinions. So much so, that we start tailoring our lives around their expectations. This makes us lose out on who we are and tends to increase stress and worry. So, let it all go and learn how to ensure your wellbeing and establish your own identity.

Focus on what matters

Focussing on important issues stops you from worrying about what others will think. It helps you at looking at the larger picture.

Most people don’t pay attention

People in general, pay attention to themselves only. If they are giving an opinion on your life, it is probably just in passing and they have not paid you that much thought. So you do you.

Keep perspective 

Another person’s opinion is always based on their thoughts and belief. Never on yours. Only you know what is best for you and your life. So yours is the only perspective that matters.

You know best

You are the one living your life and facing the consequences of your actions. Hence, you know best. Others haven’t walked your journey, learn to take a call for yourself.

Mind your own business

Stop asking what they think of you. Stop thinking of what people think about you. Especially if they are unsupportive, unhappy or too critical.

Desensitise your triggers

Being over-sensitive is always harmful. Try to control your own thoughts and don’t over-react to what people say to you. Stop overthinking and replace it with positive thoughts.

Seek constructive feedback

You should seek advice from people whom you trust. They will always give you constructive feedback because their intentions for you are pure.

Don’t try to please everyone

It is impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations. So it is simply futile trying to do it. Remember, you should live according to your likes and beliefs. People may dislike you for it, but it’s ok. You should love yourself.

Opinions are always changing

Opinions are never constant. So stop wasting time gathering everyone’s positive opinion about you. 

Find a role model

You should always have a role model who you look up to and aim to be. This will stop you from becoming a people pleaser.

Life’s too short

At the end of the day, life is too short and you must not waste it trying to please everyone around you. A conscious effort must be made to stop being a people pleaser. Your opinion is the only one that matters.

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