Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

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Everyone desires a happy life. The only way happiness can thrive is if you remain positive. Is it possible to change negative thoughts? The goodness is you can identify your thoughts. If you observe a negative thought pattern, you can change it into a positive one and learn how to stop being negative and critical.


1. Focusing on the negative

Life does not always go as expected. Sometimes the mind overlooks positive elements and focuses on the negative.  This process of filtering hampers your mood and needs to be checked.

2. Living in the ‘Either/Or’ zone

Some people view life as black and white leaving no middle ground. They focus on extremes where a situation is either good or bad. This kind of polarized thinking affects self-esteem.

3. Harping on a single wrong instance

In the course of a day, multiple situations come your way. Maybe one of these does not go well and you begin obsessing about it. This could lead to a never-ending loop of thoughts where you feel things never go your way leading to the zone of overgeneralization.

4. Dwelling on disastrous thoughts

Sometimes an incident does not even occur but the mind focuses on the ‘what if’ factor leading to catastrophizing where the mind blows up a situation in anticipation.

5. Judging without facts

Sometimes you jump to conclusions without any justification, erroneously misjudging a particular situation. Unsubstantiated conclusions can hamper judgment and affect relationships.

How To Stop Being Negative And Critical: Tips To Combat Negativity
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1. Avoid disastrous thoughts

Even if a situation is not in your control, it is possible to stop mentally exaggerating an event that may or may not have occurred. It’s important to experience life to the fullest without allowing past incidents to cloud your future.

2. Don’t thrive on extremes

Stop viewing things as black and white. Give yourself room for improvement without trying to be a perfectionist. This is an empowering process and a prerequisite to changing how you think.

3. Make sound judgements

Support your thought process with facts. Get all the facts in place and aim to understand a situation rather than react. This aids the quality of your judgement.

4. Focus on the positives

Focusing on factors associated with positive vibes helps you feel better and calmer. By staying away from thinking of undesirable events you make room for better thoughts.

Your life is yours for the choosing. Though there are circumstances not under your control, you can still take charge of how you think. Applying these techniques and changing your thought process will prove beneficial in the long run.


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