Hubble Telescope Turned 30 And Wants To Celebrate With You

Hubble Telescope Turned 30 And Wants To Celebrate With You

Wondered how the cosmos looked like on your special day? You can see it now.
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On 24th April 1990, NASA had launched Hubble Space Telescope into the orbit, and for the past 30 years, it has been capturing the most amazing intergalactic images of the planets and stars. Günther Hasinger, Director of Science for the European Space Agency, “The Hubble Space Telescope has shaped the imagination of truly a whole generation, inspiring not only scientists but almost everybody. It is paramount for the excellent and long-lasting cooperation between NASA and ESA.”

Hubble is celebrating this milestone year with a portrait image of two nebulae. The image captures a fiery orange and red nebula, NGC 2014 beside a deep blue nebula, NGC 2020. NASA and ESA that they are a part of a single giant star formation complex.

But that’s not it. Rather than celebrating this even alone NASA and ESA decided to make it a celebration for all. To mark this anniversary both agencies have created a tool where you can see what Hubble recorded on your birthday. You just need to head over to this website and enter your birth date and it will show you the gorgeous and enchanting intergalactic image that was captured on your special day.

What’s more exciting than looking at the fascinating astral images recorded on the day that you were born? What are you waiting for? Go ahead check out the stellar performance of your special day!

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