The Terminator Works Towards New Beginnings

The Terminator Works Towards New Beginnings

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, better known as the TERMINATOR invests a lot of time helping people make new beginnings. He has been charitable all his life revealing how his iron-like body, actually hides a heart of gold. Arnold has many charitable activities. He clearly understands the importance of education for underprivileged children and constantly strives to make things better for them by treating them with small surprises every now and then.

Engaging disadvantaged kids

As the former governor of California, Arnold found an interesting way to stop disadvantaged children of Los Angeles from discontinuing their education. Occasionally, kids who were regular at school and performed well in academics got a ride in Arnold’s 50-ton Chrysler V12 tank; the same one he drove when he served in the Austrian National Army, in 1965.

Arnold’s wish for the kids

Arnold’s attachment to his tank made him spend $20,000 to ship it from Austria to California, in 1991. Before he began the tank rides, Arnold often took kids to his sets so they could see how movies were shot. He started the rides only in 2003 after he stopped acting in movies. It pleases Arnold to see kids perform well academically and steer away from trouble so giving rides is his way of showing appreciation. Arnold believes children will enjoy the rides more than a boring tour of the State Capitol building.

Importance Of Education For Underprivileged: Arnold Understands It Well

Concern for the future

Arnold is concerned about the future of all children and believes educating them is mandatory, regardless of their financial situation. Unfavourable conditions can distress children and lead them into trouble. It is necessary to keep them engaged and motivated. He seems to have a clear understanding of the importance of education for underprivileged children.

Arnold’s actions not only make him a hero in reel life but in real life too. Despite having other considerations, he finds time for his charitable work. People like Arnold, who give priority to good causes, keep hope alive. Their actions are an inspiration for others to emulate.



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