Let Children Walk Their Way Out Of Obesity

Let Children Walk Their Way Out Of Obesity

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Inactivity Leads to Obesity:

The onset of the modern era, brings with it the latest technologies and gadgets in our day to day life. As a result, even children are being lethargic and their inactivity leads to obesity. They would prefer to travel to school by bus or car, rather than walking there. It is important to allow our children to walk to school, if we live in close proximity to the school. This will lessen the chances of obesity in children.

According to a new study, children who regularly walk or cycle to school are less likely to be overweight or obese than those who travel by car or public transport. This shows that walking or cycling to school is a strong clairvoyant of one’s obesity levels.

Walk Your Way Out Of Obesity
Junk eating and inactive lifestyle of children | Image: File Image
Co-relation between school commute and sports participation:

A first of its kind, the study assesses the effects of physical activity on childhood obesity levels for primary school kids. It simultaneously related two of the main types of participation in various sports activities.


More than 2000 London primary schoolchildren, belonging to different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, were included in the study. The researchers took into consideration their physical activity levels, body composition and socioeconomic status.

Nearly 50% of the children participated in sports on a daily basis, and a similar proportion commuted to school, either on foot or cycle. The researchers found that children who actively commuted to school had lower body fat, and therefore were less likely to be overweight or obese. However, when looking at fat mass and muscle mass separately, children who engaged in sports every day had significantly more muscle development. Although, it was noted that their fat mass did not significantly differ.

When looking at body fat, children who were not active were prone to be overweight or obese.

Parents simply must stress upon the fact that childhood obesity is not an option. To achieve the same, they must instill in children the love towards a healthy active lifestyle. Childhood obesity is a deadly disease, and makes for all kinds of other lifestyles diseases, even when they grow up.

Regular participation in sports, and particularly active commuting to school should be promoted. This proves to be promising for combating childhood obesity.


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