Making Friends With Emotions – A Children’s Day Special Webinar

Making Friends With Emotions – A Children’s Day Special Webinar

Join us on Sunday, the 13th of November, to understand more about your children’s feelings and emotions.
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With Children’s Day around the corner, what better way to celebrate it than to speak to some children’s yoga and mindfulness experts to get an insight into their young, impressionable minds?  

Our children are our future and it is in them, where innocence and simplicity thrive. Hence it is crucial to help them feel secure, internally, and in the world outside. We want to help our young listeners learn how to pause, reflect, rest and start over while building core life skills such as resilience, emotional regulation, mindfulness and acceptance. Our masters Sabrina Merchant and Nishtha Bijlani break it down for us! 

The webinar details are as follows:  

4 pm to 5 pm, 13th November  

Making Friends With Emotions 

Gear up for this informative and fun webinar. Join TRM Master Sabrina Merchant and Nishtha Bijlani to understand simple strategies that open the door to communication and help your child understand the complexities of emotions.  

The above-mentioned webinar is absolutely free of cost.  

Registration for the event is mandatory. You can register here.  

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