5 Fabulous Kids Who Made 2020 A Year To Be Proud About

5 Fabulous Kids Who Made 2020 A Year To Be Proud About

These little wonders did extraordinary deeds this year, far beyond their age.
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If you think that 2020 only brought doom, tragedy and misery in our lives, these 5 kids are here to prove that there is always something good that happens, no matter how dark the times are!

1.     M Netra, Chennai.

She was appointed as the ‘Goodwill Ambassador to the Poor.’

This 13-year-old from Madurai, Chennai, has been appointed as the ‘Goodwill Ambassador to the Poor’ for the United Nations Association for Development and Peace. Her father runs a salon and had saved Rs 5 lakh for her studies. But, after seeing the condition of the poor and homeless during the lockdown, she persuaded her father to use the money to feed the needy.

2.     Jannat, Kashmir.

7-Year-Old girl, Jannat, finds mention in school textbooks for cleaning Dal lake

Since the past two years, Jannat and her father have been cleaning Dal lake. Currently studying in the third standard, she says it was her father who inspired her to do this. But little did she know that this noble act will take her name to the school textbooks in Hyderabad, as a means to inspire other children to save the environment. Her endeavours have been narrated in a story titled ‘Jannat Ki Jannat’ in the Hindi school book ‘Medha.’ PM Narendra Modi also lauded her efforts and spoke about it on his radio talk show ‘Mann ki Baat.’

3.     SP Shankar, Hyderabad.

9-Year-Old from Hyderabad Bags Two World Records For Solving Pyraminx

He won two international world awards for ‘the most number of Pyraminxs solved while hanging upside down,’ and for ‘the most number of Pyraminxs solved while skating.’ Shankar was fond of solving rubix cube at the age of 6 when he got it as a gift on his birthday. After three years of continuous practice, he achieved these prestigious awards.  Shankar’s name has also been included in the Limca Book of Records.

4.     Arunachal Students

They turned into masons and carpenters to build a community library

In the remote India-China border town of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, young people believe the pen is mightier than the sword and they put their minds at work. To inspire the locals to read books, they built a community library by dismantling an old and dilapidated government structure. The work was executed in 40 days under the watchful eyes of the All Tawang District Students’ Union (ATDSU). Around 15 university, college and school students had lent their service. There is a “district library” in the town but the ATDSU said it could not cater to all citizens.

Built at a cost of around Rs 6.5 lakh, the library is half concrete and half wooden with its roofing done with CGI sheets. It was decided that the library will be named after former Chief Minister, the late Dorjee Khandu, as a tribute to him for his contributions to Arunachal’s overall development.

5.     Manya Singhal, Gurugram.

8-yar-old creates an app for toddlers

‘Pickaboo’ helps kids scan real-life objects to hear their names. A student of class IV at Suncity School, Gurugram she loves to teach her little sister everything she knows. It took her a month to create this app which is available on Google App Store now.

Manya is already analysing how she can improve Pickaboo to make it more interactive and personalised. “I am planning to create another app that will make it easier for kids to learn Indian classical dance.” We hope Manya enjoys the whole process of creating and goes on to create many more apps to her liking!             

These kids have outwitted the norm of age, by doing things nobody would have imagined. As we say, big things come in small packages!

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