India Gets Its First Female Navy Pilot

India Gets Its First Female Navy Pilot

“It’s a very proud feeling for me, being the navy’s first woman pilot,” says Shivangi.
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Monday, 2nd December 2019 will go down as a historic day. Shivangi Swaroop become the first naval woman pilot in the Indian Navy and joined operational duties in the presence of top naval officers at its base in Kochi.

She is an avid supporter of women’s rights and says that she being the first woman to be a pilot in the Navy ‘would create more opportunities for other women who wanted to join the defence force’.

Sub-lieutenant Shivangi Swaroop | Image: Twitter

Becoming a pilot was a burning desire for her that goes back to her childhood. That’s when she saw a chopper carrying a minister land in the neighbourhood of her grandparent’s house in Bihar. That day, she knew what she wanted to become. Her family was very supportive and never questioned her choice of joining the defence forces.

And now, this long-standing dream of hers is a reality as she received her ‘qualification wings’ from the Chief of the Southern Naval Command Vice Admiral, AK Chawla.

She would continue her training at INAS 550, the Dornier squadron at INS Garuda, to become a fully operational pilot on Maritime Reconnaissance (MR) aircraft.

One should dare to dream, because one day it does come true, and no other person justifies this more than Shivangi Swaroop.

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