How 20 minutes Of Meditation Can Change Your Life?

How 20 minutes Of Meditation Can Change Your Life?

Science says that merely 20 minutes of meditation can work wonders for you. Don't believe us? Read on to find out how.
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We’ve all heard about the benefits of meditation. In the past few years, meditation has become an integral part of the daily routine of a number of people around the world. In fact, just 20 minutes a day of this practice are enough to live a happier and fuller life. What’s more, it has been backed by science as well. Read on to know the benefits of this age-old practice.

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Helps in reducing stress

The most common feeling that most of us have to deal with today is ‘stress’. Caused by many external factors, many of us are vulnerable to burnout and tension. Unexpected situations and ordeals, or even daily life situations only augment stress. Meditation works as a wonderful coping mechanism to deal with our day-to-day life stress and helps us deal with such pressure efficiently without blowing the lid or suffering from panic. 

Helps deal with social anxiety

Anyone suffering from anxiety disorders benefits by meditating for 20 minutes daily. Science has shown that mindfulness meditation (the state of being present completely in the moment) greatly reduces stress hormones and infuriating responses to exasperating, or even provoking situations.

More tolerance to pain

Meditation reduces sensations of pain that results in more tolerance towards it. Studies have shown that those who meditate regularly have decreased anxiety and hence a higher threshold of tolerance to pain. It may even reduce the need for painkillers greatly. 

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Boosts creativity & productivity

Studies have shown that those who meditate regularly experience an improvement in creative tasks. Meditation helps in focusing inwards, which in turn inspires, trusting our instinct and come up with new ideas. Besides, when you meditate, you become stress-free and are relaxed, hence you become more productive.    

Enhances kindness & compassion

It might seem a bit far-fetched but it’s true. Meditating daily raises your positive feelings as the neural connections are fired to the brain. So, it helps in building social connectedness making us kinder, compassionate and empathic towards everyone. We develop kinder and loving thoughts towards others as well as ourselves.

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Helps sleep better

Meditation helps in aiding a sounder sleep. Those having trouble sleeping, sleep better if they meditate as it relaxes your body and releases tension. So, all those thoughts jumping around in your head are controlled and you take lesser time to fall asleep, while also improving the quality of your sleep. 

Helps in better memory & attention

As we grow older, we tend to forget things as the grey matter, (which helps in processing information in the brain) deteriorates. Meditating daily has shown to reduce the loss of grey matter considerably improving our memory and even helping those suffering from dementia. Also, meditation helps us focus better resulting in longer attention spans. 

Good for your gut | Image: File Image
Keeps digestive issues in check

It may seem surprising, but studies have shown that daily meditation does reduce the anxiety that is connected to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), meaning tummy troubles. Hence, it relaxes the stomach reducing the severity of this condition (in women).

So, practice meditation if you aren’t already for a happier life as well as to make the world a better place to live in.

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