Keep Strays and Pets Happy And Safe This Diwali

Keep Strays and Pets Happy And Safe This Diwali

Diwali can be a tough time for strays and home pets but you can protect them with these wonderful tips.
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The festival of lights is here and as much joy as it brings to us, animals and pets have the worst time ever. Noise and smoke from the firecrackers are an animal’s nightmare. Birds too are affected by the smoke and noise.

Pet’s suffer nervous breakdowns, cattle have lower milk out and they suffer through several gastrointestinal problems as well. Dogs have an enhanced auditory system making them more susceptible to loud noises.

Diwali isn’t just about lighting the diyas, firecrackers and mithais., it’s also an occasion for all of us to come together as human beings and take care of each other.
So, here are a few tips on how you can take care of your pets and strays during the season of Diwali.

Safety tips for Strays

  • Sensitise your neighbourhood about the harm being caused to the animals and birds in your surroundings. Raise awareness through messages, pamphlets or putting up notices on the bulletin board.
  • Keep them indoors. If time or space permits, try letting them in on the space and provide them with water and food. The indoors will shield them from the noise and pollution outside. They can stay indoors for a short time until the celebrations.
  • Use bright collars to identify the animals. With the help of a local NGO or Municipal handlers, you can make the animals wear collars. If it’s too late by now, try to surround all of them in a safe area with loads of water for their use.
  • Another useful way would be to spend some time with them. If you see a stray cowering, shivering or panting; go sit next to them and offer them some food. Comfort might help them overcome their anxiety and bring a sense of relief.
  • You must take images of your stray and circulate them among your neighbourhood so that they can keep an eye on them as well. This must be a part of the sensitisation drive, wherein people who love animals can actively be a part of this process.

Safety tips for Pets

  • Find a spot in the house that is the quietest. This spot will allow them to keep calm because their heightened auditory canals will not be affected much. Make sure you keep plenty of water by the side for them. If you have access to AC you can switch it on as well. Your pets will be able to sleep better.
  • In order to distract them from the noise give them delicious meals to enjoy. Bring a blanket to them so that they’re comfortable and warm.
  • Walk your pet earlier during the day when the noise and pollution is minimal. This will also make sure that their gastrointestinal system is not affected and working as usual.
  • In special times like these celebrations, make sure that your pet has a proper harness on with your name and address around them. This will allow for people to identify the pet in case they’re aggravated by the noise and pollution, run away and lose their way to their home.

Diwali is the festival of lights which means prosperity and togetherness. Animals are creatures without a voice and it’s very important for us as humans to safeguard their lives.

You know what to do this Diwali. Here’s wishing you, your family, pets and all the other animals in your surroundings a very Happy Diwali!

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