Empathy: Not Just A Human Trait

Empathy: Not Just A Human Trait

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Empathy for living beings, as people say is supposed to be a human trait. It is supposed to be an innate quality of most human beings. It helps us understand the pain and sufferings of people around us, be it another fellow human being, or any living thing. This understanding makes us want to help them and care for others. However, today, we have become so incapable of empathy, that we fail to look beyond ourselves. Despite all the technological developments and economic growth, we fail to behave in a way appropriate for humans. In fact, more often than not, we’ll find animals showing empathy and love to different species. Here is one such story, which will revive our faith in humanity, or in this case humanity amongst animals.

The Goose and the Pup

A photograph was taken of a goose wrapping its wings around a shivering puppy to shield him from the cold. It also used its beak to pet the pup so that he could comfortably fall asleep under its warm wings. This particular pup was abandoned by his mother and found a rare friend in the mentioned goose.

lack of empathy towards animals
A helping hand | Image: File Image
A Lesson for All – Empathy for Living Beings 

How many times do we see an unfortunate person, freezing out in the cold and offer him/her some shelter or food or something warm? How many times do we find someone in dire need, and we consciously look the other side and turn a blind eye to the sufferings around us? Thankfully, animals are still pure-hearted and innocent. They do not how to differentiate between people or animals based on their likes and dislikes.

Humanity is slowly slipping away and it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t vanish completely. We can all take a leaf out of the goose’s book and learn to care for every living being, be it a fellow human, an animal, a plant or even our mother earth.

Image: Good Times

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