How To Positively Influence People Around You

How To Positively Influence People Around You

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The way we are around people and the way we influence them is enough to define who we are. Gandhi once said, “a man is known by the way he treats people around him”. How you treat people, is what counts at the end of the day. There is a reason that there very few leaders in the world. The reason being – they resonate with a very positive frequency and that influences people. You too can learn to be such a positive force in any given situation.

6 Uncommon Ways To Positively Influence Others

Respond, don’t react

It takes a lot of integrity and strength to maintain your calm even when people are criticizing you. Don’t let their criticism affect you. In fact, you should take it into consideration and learn from it. Don’t react. Take a moment and pause. As a result, you get a moment to maintain composure and think of an apt reply.

Stay neutral and objective

Life is like a wave. It has its ups and downs. Leading with positivity means that you remain positive in the low phases of your life. Everything around will feel blue and you might feel frustrated. But, carry on with optimism and hope.

Be honest about your emotions, but own them
Be true to your emotions | Image: File Image

Being a positive force doesn’t mean you have to deny your own negative emotions. But you should get in touch with them with a motive to heal them. Our emotions are our own. No one can make you feel anything you don’t want to. The only person who can make you feel small and inconsequential is you. 

Be there for others

There is an old saying, that it is easy to celebrate with a person in his happy days. Hence, what determines your strength of character is how you support them in their tough times. Be there for them. Your words of motivation can go a long way.

Choose to be happy
Happiness is a choice | Image: File Image

Happiness is a choice. If we choose to interpret circumstances around us in a negative way, that is our choice. So, if you have the choice why not choose wisely, and choose positivity over negative emotions. 

Intend your day

When you have a difficult day coming ahead, then you should start intending your day. This has immense potential to positively steer your day. And your positive energy impacts everyone around you. 

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