Love Is Everywhere!

Love Is Everywhere!

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Love is life. And you will find love everywhere. Wherever you look. Love is there for everyone. Irrespective of age.

The nurse who holds a newborn and helps in the first bath. And the baby pipes down after a good cry. That’s love at work. Between the nurse and the baby.

When the grandmother sits in the sun and holds the baby in her lap, slowly and methodically giving her an oil massage. Singing a well-worn song from far back in the past. The baby looking up at her while her skin is being rubbed on. Raising that tiny hand to touch the necklace of the grandma. That’s love.

When the mother rushes about in the kitchen to prepare a healthy breakfast in the kitchen, making the pancakes, putting them on plates, putting in the maple syrup just the way she likes. That’s love again.

When the father reads the newspaper aloud for her to hear at the dining table and get a quick summary of the news before she heads out to school. That’s love too. He is keeping her informed so that she can use the knowledge gained anytime later.

When the brother helps her into the school bus because she is younger of the two and he is careful about her. Even as he is up to his tricks with his schoolmates. That’s evidently love. Though, he will never admit it.

Love is everywhere
Love is everywhere | Image: File Image

When the teacher giggles at her blotched up painting and sits with her and her brush and clutches her fingers to learn the use of the brush on paper. It’s love, isn’t it? Teaching probably is the highest form of love.

When the friends carry her to the classroom after she’s won the Best Athlete award of the year. That’s abundant love, really.

When recruiters arrive in college and the resume needs to be redone. Friends pitch in to help. The suit is cleaned up by a roommate. The scarf is tucked in by another. Everyone yells best of luck as if it’s their own career and not hers that’s up for grabs. It’s love all the way.

And then when she meets him. When he holds her at a dance. Those little smiles and nods. Those whispers. Those messages. The ever longing desires of love.

The marriage. The families coming together. The dances. The long rituals. The blessings from everyone. The lingering smiles on the face of everyone she meets. Love is in the air.

She is pregnant. He is panicked. But the doctor takes centre stage. She politely asks everyone to calm down and helps her through the last stretch. Then, the miracle is born. Glowing. Crying. Waving tiny hands. The doctor, she and the little bundle. A unique bond. Love everywhere.

At work. At play. At life. Love exists. We only have to reach out. And give out.


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