Love Taking Naps? Find Out What Sleep Experts Have To Say About Them

Love Taking Naps? Find Out What Sleep Experts Have To Say About Them

Like everything, napping also has its pros and cons!
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Are you a proud member of the ‘afternoon nap party’? Or simply love to nap during your free time? Well, then there is something you should know about napping.
Researchers and experts confirm that….

Naps are in fact great for you!

They improve your performance, productivity, alertness, and reduce stress.

Small naps have huge benefits
Small naps have huge benefits | Image: File Image

A research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, reports that people who nap for 30-90 minutes have better word recall. Basically, a good sign of memory and alertness.
Another research from the University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland, shows that afternoon naps reduce heart attack and stroke risk.

But how much is too much?

We can all agree to the fact that naps are tricky. You either wake up refreshed or in some other dimension with no sense of time.
According to the experts, napping for more than half an hour especially after 3 pm is not recommended at all. Because then, it upsets your good night’s sleep.

Moreover, a power nap will energize you. If you sleep any longer than 30 minutes, it only makes you lethargic and lazy.

So then, what is the best time to nap?

It is between 2 pm and 3 pm when our energy starts to lag post-lunch.
That little quality nap is a quick energy booster is good enough to get you going.

So, there you have it!
Happy Napping! (But not more than 30 minutes and after 3 pm.)

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