The Endless Game Of Money Chasing!

The Endless Game Of Money Chasing!

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Millions in the bank, but no one to spend it on. A swanky car, but no friends to go on a drive with. A huge house, but still having meals all alone. Does this person seem happy to you? What we fail to realise that it is our family, friends, and connections that bring us true happiness. A person having a lower paying job but happier family is indeed content. Sure money is essential, but there are far better things to chase in life! Let me tell you a story about a man who was penny-wise and pound-foolish –

A Little Fable:

A miser once hid all his gold in a secret place in his garden. He dug up his treasure every day, counted his gold and hid it again. A thief once saw him do this. One night, the thief snugged in his garden, dug up all his treasure and ran away with it! The next morning the miser was shook when he saw this and started crying.

A passer-by heard his cries and asked what happened. The miser told him, that he hid his gold in the garden, which got stolen. The bewildered man asked him why he kept it there, instead of keeping it at home? This way he could use the gold when required. The miser said that he could not even dream of spending the gold! To this, the passer-by told him that his gold had the same value as a stone in the garden. Since he didn’t use either, the gold he had was as worthless as the stone!

The miser loved his wealth more than anything. For him, the only source of happiness was his gold. And when it was stolen, all his happiness too went away with it!

Think Right Tips:

  • It is better to have a lower paying job but happier life, rather than having all the wealth in the world.
  • Money can never buy peace or happiness. If you have too much of it, spend it on things of some value.
  • Do charity, sponsor a child’s education. Use your money for good. Otherwise, it would be like the gold hidden in the garden; as worthless as a simple stone.

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