Meet The Master: Ritu Gupta, An Expert Life Coach

Meet The Master: Ritu Gupta, An Expert Life Coach

Learn about master of the month, Ritu Gupta, a practicing Life Coach who specializes in coaching on ‘Clarity and Personal Excellence’.
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Our TRM family of masters includes a plethora of talented experts and established specialists in the field of meditation and yoga. Joining our maestro team is Ritu Gupta, an experienced, practicing Life Coach who is also an NLP therapist of various healing modalities. A well-known name in the Holistic living and wellness industry, Ritu Gupta’s philosophy is to help people grow out of their limiting beliefs, unlock their potential, and inspire them to realign their inner compass towards love and happiness by sharing her knowledge and guiding them.  


A Delhi University gold medalist in BSc Home Science (2001), Ritu went ahead and completed her Master’s in Management from the prestigious IIT Roorkee in 2003. She spent the next decade sharing her expertise and contributing significantly toward Organization Development and Design across the country and overseas before expanding her Life Coaching career full time. Today, she is a practicing Past Life Regression Therapist, Heal Your Life Teacher (India), Master Practitioner-Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Certified Coach, and Reiki Master.  

The Significance of Holistic Mental-Physical-Emotional Health 

Holistic health looks at the whole of a person: mind, body, and soul. It focuses on wellness on a deeper level that allows for a truly and completely healthy way of living life through practices like chiropractic, herbalism, massage, energy work (reiki), therapy, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, physical therapy, nutrition, personal training, and more. These practices are employed to heal the body as a whole, beyond just the physical body. Holistic health addresses physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health, enabling a person to truly live each day in the healthiest and happiest way possible by balancing all areas. After all, if one area is out of balance, we surely feel the repercussions in different parts of our body as well.   

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Ritu Gupta, through her social media channels and powerful writing, enlightens others by sharing insightful thoughts and information on Holistic Mental-Physical-Emotional Health with a special emphasis on relationships. She believes in the power of building intelligent hearts through high AQ i.e. Adversity Quotient over and above building cognitive intelligence with high IQ as clarity of the soul can only be achieved when clear choices are made from the heart.  

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