Want To Go On A Calming Walk In A Lavender-Scented Labyrinth?

Want To Go On A Calming Walk In A Lavender-Scented Labyrinth?

A stroll down a lavender scented path? Now that's what we call a relaxing walk!
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We know the benefits of going on a long walk and we are also aware of the calming effects of lavender. Imagine what would happen if we combine the two. This is made possible at a lavender labyrinth garden in Michigan. A labyrinth is often confused with a maze, but both are two very different things. As Barbara Bull, owner of Cherry Point Farm & Market shared, “There’s a big difference between a maze and a labyrinth, a maze is a puzzle, it’s a form of entertainment, where a labyrinth is this wonderful, thoughtful, contemplative, meditative walk.” 

A walk around this winding, relaxing walkways of this garden take about an hour to complete and is around two miles long. However, there is no specific way to walk through the labyrinth, everyone enters in their own mental space, and there is no right or wrong way or amount of time to explore it. It’s all up to the individual.  

In comparison to the previous gardens and walkways, this year’s garden may seem smaller because sadly the lavender died in 2019. But now with new seedlings, it’s on the mend and the guests can enjoy the lavenders grow over the next few years.  

They also have a herb garden. It is made of 12 interlocking circles containing an array of herbs. The experience is completely free, but do buy some homemade cookies to show your support and love to the farm. 

Let’s hope we all get to visit this magnificent place soon!

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