Follow These 5 Steps To Quit Smoking!

Follow These 5 Steps To Quit Smoking!

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Addiction to tobacco products is not ‘imagined’ as most people tend to believe, and tell others. Instead, it is a chemical process that makes the brain crave the same feeling over and over again. Cigarettes contain nicotine which increases levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the body’s reward circuits which reinforces the routine of taking the drug regularly. Methods of quitting smoking can be taken as a general guideline and personalised accordingly.

Breaking this habit requires that you become incredibly aware of how you feel every time you light a smoke. This article will help you break the process step by step. It will help you to get rid of the smoking habit and control your emotions and stress in a more balanced way.

Few methods of quitting smoking

Set objectives and goals

Nicotine in cigarettes is hard to resist. It is hard to quit smoking even when you are aware smoking is dangerous to health. One of the first steps towards stopping for good is to prepare a plan that comprises of the steps to achieve your goal for each day. Prepare a deadline for your plan and challenge yourself. If you do not cheat a single day and achieve your goals, reward yourself with a healthy treat.

Manage your cravings with a different kind of healthy addiction

Smokers tend to switch to unhealthy foods to resist the urge to smoke. This is the main reason why smokers tend to gain weight when they quit smoking. The best alternative is to munch on some fresh fruits, mint leaves or carrot pieces that are healthier options for you.

Add a physical activity

It is easy to get a puff whenever you feel stressed or when anxious. Beat the stress out by introducing a physical regimen in your daily life. Find a physical activity that fits into your lifestyle that can get you physically moving and keep you healthy and trim in the process. Practice breathing exercises to improve your concentration and resist the temptation to smoke.

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Take the support of nurturing relationships

According to a book published by the US department of health and human services friends, family, and co-workers can help you in the journey to quit this bad habit. Inform your dear ones and co-workers about your decision to quit and tell them to keep a check on you. Planning a diet routine, taking fitness classes or playing a sport is fun when you have company.

Stop relapse by continually reminding yourself of the dangerous side effects

After smoking for years, leaving the habit for good can set you in panic mode. You may face anger, anxiety, and depression when you go cold turkey. To tackle these emotions, always tell yourself that you are setting yourself free of many dangerous side effects by quitting smoking. The dangerous side effects include diabetes, cancer, hip fractures, and arthritis and fertility issues. Read and talk more about these health benefits with your friends or relatives who are smokers. This can give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

If you are a smoker, you will find the above methods of quitting smoking helpful in your journey towards quitting this habit for good. Healthy eating, physical activity, and social support go a long way in helping you to quit smoking and maintain your health.

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