Open Letter To All Our Teachers

Open Letter To All Our Teachers

A teacher affects eternity, she/he can never tell where his influence stops.
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Dear Teachers,  

It was Teacher’s Day just a few weeks ago. With every second post on social media reminding us of all those happy and sad moments. From the very first day of school, seeing us take the tiny steps, struggling to climb the school steps to see us graduate magna cum laude, taking giant leaps to follow our dreams, you’ve seen us grow. All these memories came rushing back and I was prompted to write this letter to all of you.  

From mimicking you during lunch breaks, and working together on a science project to win the competitions, I remember it all. You’ve rejoiced with us during a win and motivated us if we failed. You were at times like a sponge, absorbing all our emotions. Scolding us if we do not turn in the homework on time to saying ‘Fools Stop’ instead of ‘Full Stop’ at the end of the dictation class just to make us all laugh (I’m still confused why we laughed though, after all, you were calling all of us fools). Not complaining, because this memory still manages to bring a smile to my face.   

Many a time we took you for granted. We did not even realise how hard you had to work and how much you had to sacrifice to help us achieve our goals. I remember ringing you up a night before exams on a Sunday with a doubt and you patiently stayed up with me, explaining each and every detail.

Open Letter To All Our Teachers

We did not realise that six hours of teaching wasn’t your only job. You had to put in hours of hard work before and after classes to prepare for our lectures and events. Apart from that, you were also a daughter, a wife, a sister, mother or a husband, a father, and a brother. Not to forget the many other roles that you had to take care of along with being our teacher. I guess we were so self-centred back then that we failed to notice and remember that you have got your personal struggles too.  

But now, a few years later, as we have ventured out living on our own, trying to find our footing, I am sure all of us appreciate all of you a ton load more than what we already did. Now that we’re ‘grown-ups’ facing our own grown-up issues we’re in a better position to understand and admire you and all that you’ve done for us. I want to take this opportunity to tell all of you, you’re superheroes! 

Though this letter isn’t a group project, I write from my heart, and I am sure all my friends, your students agree with it. While we were busy reading superhero comics the real superheroes were actually a big part of our lives. We can never thank you enough for all that you’ve given us. I would take this opportunity and tell you that, we love you, on behalf of every student whose life you’ve touched. Thank you.   

Your Loving   

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