Here’s To Finding Peace, Shanti, Sukoon In 2021, A Brand New Year

Here’s To Finding Peace, Shanti, Sukoon In 2021, A Brand New Year Editor on what does peace really mean and our very special journey to achieving it.
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If you ask anyone what is that they want the most, chances are that peace would be right at the top of their list.

But what does peace really mean? Does it mean leaving your life behind and moving to the hills? Does it mean giving up all desires and expectations so that you are in a calm, thus peaceful state always? Maybe that is true for some, but for most peace is to be found in the day-to-day and more often in what is seemingly commonplace and mundane.

Ask anyone and they will give you a completely different definition of what peace really means to them. For a new mother, peace is when she looks at her baby sleeping blissfully. For a working professional, it is that 10-minute break in-between calls and meetings when they pick up the phone to call their loved ones, asking them “khana khaya”. For some, it’s all about a long drive in the hills or taking that long-awaited vacation. For a student, it is knowing that all their hard work has paid off. For someone else, it about doing nothing, simply staring out of the window looking at the sky. For somebody else, it is about emerging themselves into work, a project close to their heart.

When I was much younger I thought peace was something that everyone achieved when I sat quietly without disturbing others or being disturbed by anyone else. Something that my teachers taught me at a very young age. You see, I was a talkative child with comments like “chatter box”, “way too talkative” finding their way into my report cards regularly.

So what kind of peace is everyone looking for? Is it that momentarily sense of bliss and calmness felt when something goes the way we wanted? Or is that overarching feeling that stays with us throughout the day, growing into something that lasts forever. It becomes second nature to us. When no situation, event, or person can rattle our inner peace.

This month, we will get on this journey together. A journey made of many small steps that will guide and direct us towards peace.

May we all support and strengthen each other as we grow together.

Love Always,

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