How To Make Holi Safe For Kids?

How To Make Holi Safe For Kids?

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Holi, the most colourful festival of our country, bids adieu to winter and heralds the spring matching the riot of the colours of spring in full bloom.

Indians across all generations and across the globe look forward to this festival. To enjoy its festivities and delicacies and the excitement of family and friends getting together for some much-awaited fun. It is one of the most exciting festivals, especially for children, because it is messy and colourful! While that may be an unbeatable combination, kids today are not as enthusiastic about such festivities mainly because of growing concerns about water conservation and the environment.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways in which kids can have fun and have a safe Holi. The colour, however, is not advisable for children. There are a few alternatives for playing Holi safely like using fruits, fruit juices, and flowers instead of colours and water. These are available in so many different colours and can be used to create a safe and fun-filled Holi for kids.

Playing Holi safely
Playing Holi safely | Image: File Image

Holi, as we all know is incomplete without ‘pichkaris’. To play with these in a unique way; conserving water and yet enjoying the thrill, is by using fruit juices instead of water in them. Fill them up with juice and allow the child to drink from it. You can even liven things up by creating games in which you have to squirt juice from the ‘pichkaris’ into each other’s mouths! This is undeniably plenty of fun and does not involve any wastage of water.

For instance, pomegranate juice which is a beautiful red colour is good to drink and if sprayed on someone, will leave a nice red colour, very similar to Holi colours. So many fruits can be used like this; watermelons, oranges, strawberries. Using juice of these fruits, introduces your child to their unique taste and colour and keeps them safe and healthy.

During this season a variety of colourful flowers bloom. These can be used to decorate the house or play area. Children can use the colourful petals to throw upon each other instead of throwing coloured powder. Children can become better custodians of the environment by helping them enjoy an activity that celebrates the beauty of nature by making eco-friendly craft flowers. Help them make colourful bouquets to celebrate the festival of Holi.

Children should be encouraged to play a safe Holi, for both them and their beloved planet. Parents should encourage the use of flowers and fruits in their natural colours and bloom to enjoy this festival. With these exciting activities, you can be sure that the festive season will be a time of joyous celebration, just as its meant to be and kids will look forward to Holi every year!


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