An Open Letter To My Father

An Open Letter To My Father

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Dear Dad,

Today, I’m writing this letter on behalf of all the children whose fathers are just as caring, supportive and loving as you. The person who has supported me the most in this whole wide world, is you. Whatever I wanted was there in my hand, even before I asked for it! You had all for me, and nothing for you. If someone asked me for the reasons why dads are the best, I would probably have to write 100 such letters!

I knew you always had my back. You always pushed me to do more, achieve more. Indeed, any amount of words or actions would not encapsulate my love for you. Hence, this letter, as a mere attempt to convey my feelings.

reasons why dads are the best
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Children learn a lot from their fathers – the meaning of love, the true essence of life, and living live fully! I remember those childhood memories where you were by my side. When sissy and I would tie rubber bands in your hair, make you all dolled up and play barbie with you! For one thing, those life advises you gave me during school and college days, I still remember them.

You always put yourself last and everything was always about us. Today, I find it amusing, thinking how can anyone ever love someone so selflessly? And I know only a father can love their children like this.

Do you remember how coy I was on my first college day? You had come to drop me off, although you walked far behind from me, making sure I would gauge and absorb this new environment on my own. At times, when I was afraid to speak up or talk to someone, you showed me how to face the world. By and large, you made me fearless, you took me from coy to courageous, Dad.

Now, maybe because of work or my marriage, I am not physically with you, but your morals and lessons keep me going. No matter how far we maybe, I know you could come running at my smallest call, just as you did when I got hurt during childhood.

Dad, you are irreplaceable, and nobody can ever take your place!

Lots and lots of love Dad!

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