Life Lesson By Dr. Kalam’s Father We All Should Abide By!

Life Lesson By Dr. Kalam’s Father We All Should Abide By!

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There probably wouldn’t be a single soul in India who isn’t aware about the “Missile Man” AKA Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad. The former President of India has garnered success in various projects concerning national security. In the light of his commendable contribution, he was bestowed with the highest civilian award ‘Bharat Ratna’. He never let the name and fame get on his head and led an ordinary life. He is considered as one of the most compassionate historical figures. Maybe, it was this humble nature of his which fetched him the title of ‘People’s President’.

His parents were the true cornerstone of his life. The way they led their life had a great influence on him. Dr. Abdul Kalam’s father was a very humble and down to earth man, and his life lessons shall always remain imprinted on his mind. Here is one such lesson –

compassionate historical figures
Father-Son Duo! | Image: File Image

What Makes APJ Abdul Kalam One of The Most Compassionate Historical Figures:

This traces back to the time when Dr. Abdul Kalam were a little. After a long day of work, his mother was cooking for the family. When she served his father a roti, Kalam noticed that it was a little burnt. He was eager to see if anyone would react to it; but to his surprise, nobody uttered a word. His father continued eating and asked Kalam about his day and his activities. He didn’t remember what he said then, but he clearly remembered his mother apologizing for the burnt roti. To which his father simply replied that he liked burnt rotis.

Later that night, Kalam asked his dad whether he really did like burnt rotis. His father smiled and replied that his mother had been working all day, she would be tired and hence the burnt rotis. He added that one single burnt roti would cause no harm, but the words said in anger leave lifelong scars.

Nobody is perfect, and one must learn to accept others with their faults wholeheartedly. That life is too short for regrets, and one must be mindful of what they say out loud.

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