A Hand That Feeds The Poor

A Hand That Feeds The Poor

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Mother Teresa once said “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one”. Hunger is not just a problem, it is an obscenity. It is next to Godliness if are able to feed hungry children around you. The generation Z multitude often orders food online, as most of them are too busy working. Sometimes, these orders are cancelled. So what does one do with the remaining food collection? A Zomato delivery executive, has re-instated my faith in humanity. This particular individual, delivers the remaining food collection to the underprivileged.

Zomato’s role in distributing the remaining food collection

Food service aggregator Zomato along with the NGO Feeding India, diverts all cancelled orders to local shelter homes, orphanages, old age homes, centres for the specially-abled and similar institutions.

food for street animals
Giving food is an act of love | Image: File Image

By the same token, Pathikrit Saha, working as a delivery executive with Zomato in Kolkatta, is promoting this service to benefit several hungry and underprivileged kids.

Annapurna in disguise

In order to fend for his family, Pathikrit joined Zomato as a delivery executive. He together with an anonymous restaurant owner, who the children fondly refer to as “Roll Kaku”, the duo provides egg rolls, fried rice and other items from the orders which are cancelled. Additionally, they often arrange for feasts for the children.

Pathikrit and his non-profit Help Foundation has been working with the underprivileged in and around the city for quite some time now. Other than food, they arrange for books, stationary and clothes for the needy. Pathikrit patronizes this revolutionary change in the society, by all means.

There are other centers and organizations which like Zomato have been delivering food to the under-privileged:
  • Robin Hood Army
  • Roti Bank by Dabbawalas
  • Feeding India
  • Wrap it. Don’t Waste Food
  • Santhimandiram

One should take a leaf out of their books, and always remember that it is an honour to be able to help and feed the less-privileged, especially, if they are children or old people.

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