Rescue In The Indian Ocean Re-Affirms Faith In Humanity

Rescue In The Indian Ocean Re-Affirms Faith In Humanity

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Rescue implies a response to a life-threatening incident or preventing injury in an unfortunate situation. A rescue effort could use tools such as search and rescue animals, helicopters, hydraulic cutting and advanced tools to extricate individuals from wreckages. Rescue effort can be supported by fire departments or Emergency Medical Services. However, it seems as if the term rescue is waning each day. Technology has its grip on the man, so they are unaware of anyone needing rescue. Thanks to social media, people connect online but not face to face. Therefore, the rescue of Abhilash Tomy is unusual and reinforces faith in humanity.


Naval Commander, Abhilash Tomy,  was participating in the Golden Globe Race, under unfavourable circumstances. A storm destroyed the masts of his yacht, stranding him in the southern Indian Ocean. He injured his back, reducing his chances to reach safety.

Image: The Hindu


The Indian Navy Reconnaissance aircraft decided to track him down. Eventually, a French vessel rescued him from Osiris. One of the men who rescued Tomy, Captain Alok Ananda, lost his father the same day. An Irishman, Gregor McGukin, also provided invaluable help in the rescue operation. Dublin resident, Gregor was also competing in the race when he heard about Tomy’s dire situation. Despite battling the violent storm himself and losing his mast, he risked his life and steered his yacht towards Tomy, hoping to rescue a fellow competitor. The French vessel successfully rescued both the participants and brought them back safely.

This kind of incident highlights the importance of emergency management, a coordinated organization of resources and responsibilities to deal with the humanitarian aspects of emergencies (preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery) in order to reduce harmful effects of the disaster. The feat of men involved in rescue operations, against all the odds, is laudable.

Image: Jagranjosh

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