A 27-Year-Old Teacher’s Kindness Reciprocated

A 27-Year-Old Teacher’s Kindness Reciprocated

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What goes around, comes around. This holds true for good deeds too as discovered by Chicago elementary school teacher, Kimber Bermudez. On a recent flight, this teacher of impoverished children had an emotionally moving and deeply satisfying experience. Kimber’s heart-melting story will make you realize why is it important to be kind to others.

The Flight

Bermudez travelled on a Southwest flight to Florida, to visit her parents. After take-off, the man seated next to her struck up a conversation. He asked what she did for a living. Kimber loved her work and gushed about her students and how much she enjoyed teaching the underprivileged at Carlos Fuentes Elementary School. She regaled her travel companion with stories of the children and the satisfaction she got from teaching them.

Kimber’s challenges

As the conversation progressed, she was asked her biggest job challenge? Kimber’s response was how heart-breaking it is, working at a low-income school. Teachers have minimal resources at their disposal making it difficult to do full justice in educating the children. Many teachers make personal contributions for school supplies, uniforms, and other necessities. To Kimber’s surprise, the man offered to donate necessary school supplies and provided her with his contact details.

A Helping Hand

In the course of her conversation, the man sitting behind Kimber tapped her shoulder. He apologized to Kimber because he overheard her entire conversation, but handed over a wad of cash, asking her to “Do something amazing.” Looking at the $100 bill on the top, Kimber burst into tears of joy. A man across the aisle gave her $20 saying he didn’t have much but wanted to contribute. This was followed by another man handing her a $10 bill. Kimber was overwhelmed. She hadn’t told her story with any expectation and the generosity of the passengers came as a shock. Kimber thanked her unexpected donors and clarified she hadn’t told her story for money. One of the men responded, “I know. That’s why we’re giving it to you. Use your voice. Use your gift of talking.”

Why Is It Important To Be Kind To Others: Kimber Tells It Herself
When Kimber’s kindness got reciprocated | Image: File Image

Kimber’s Next Task

After disembarking, Kimber realized the wad of cash amounted to $500. Kimber was overawed by the kindness shown by strangers. She wrote a long post on Facebook describing her experience and the generosity of her co-passengers. She mentioned she would use the money to buy books for her school children because they rarely had new books to read.

Kimber’s story is a perfect example of the phrase “what goes around comes around.” The good you do for someone is sure to come back in some or other way, making us realize why is it important to be kind to others and how it gets reciprocated if done whole-heartedly. Kimber’s selflessness, the joy of teaching and the way she empowers her students are laudable. The world needs more people like her, who selflessly give their lives to good causes.



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