Swimming- Simply A Physical Activity, Or A Boon In Disguise?

Swimming- Simply A Physical Activity, Or A Boon In Disguise?

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In a recent act of true heroism, an 11-year old Advik saved a 34-year old drowning man.

At the deep end of the pool, the victim, unfortunately, started drowning. Recalling his swimming classes, Advik pulled the man towards his father. And his father could then pull out the drowning man safely. After he was pulled out, Advik’s uncle safely administered CPR. Despite his age and weight being a deterrent, Advik was able to maintain hope and courage to save a young man’s life.

This particular incident should raise alarms in all our minds and enforce upon us the importance of swimming. One of the least benefits of this exercise, probably the most crucial one, is that it is a boon when it comes to saving a drowning person. It definitely proved to be one for the 34-year old victim who was saved by a small boy.

Benefits of swimming
  • First and foremost is that swimming is the only sport which can save a drowning person. Drowning is the most common cause of accidental death in children, and hence it is pertinent, that in order to save another person from drowning, one must learn to swim.
  • Swimming keeps the heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture.
  • People can take up other sports if they know how to swim, like scuba diving, surfing, yachting, canoeing etc.
  • And last but not least, swimming is a fun activity. Once learnt it is rarely forgotten.
Swimming- simply a physical activity, or a boon in disguise?
Swimming: much more then just a physical activity | Image: Coast Guard
Saving a drowning person: What you need to know?
  • Firstly, notify the lifeguard.
  • If there is no help around, immediately pull the victim out of the water.
  • Check his/her breathing. If the victim isn’t breathing check for a pulse for 10 seconds.
  • If no pulse, immediately administer CPR, only if you are trained to do so.
How to administer CPR?
  • Carefully place the person on his/her back
  • Place the heel of the hand on the centre of the chest, for an infant place two fingers on the breastbone
  • For an adult or child, press down at least 2 inches. Do not press the ribs. For an infant press down about 1.5 inches
  • Do chest compressions at the rate of 100-120 per minute or more. Let chest rise completely between pushes.
  • Check to see if the person is breathing, if not repeat.

Swimming should be made mandatory in all schools all over the world, so that there can be many more like Advik who can save a drowning person.


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