Simple & Effective Online Yoga Courses For Improved Wellbeing

Simple & Effective Online Yoga Courses For Improved Wellbeing

Looking to bridge the gap between your mind, body, and spirit? Start with these courses.
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While pop-culture makes us believe that yoga is restricted to just physical poses, the storm that the practice took the world by proves that it’s way more than that. The idea of taking care of your mind, body, and spirit together has resonated with many, making it a revolution that’s currently worldwide. The origins of yoga can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization up until today where a wide range of contemplative and self-disciplinary practices like meditation, mantra, prayer, breath work, ritual, and action is a part of it. What is now most prominent in the modern world denotes a modern form of Hatha yoga, and often focuses on posture-based physical fitness, stress relief, and relaxation techniques.  

The term ‘yoga’ comes from the word ‘yuj’, which denotes ‘to yoke’ or ‘to bind’. While the word has several meanings, the primary connotation is connection. The practice symbolizes the deeper inner connection between the mind, body, and soul which is not just to be achieved through asanas but also through rich inner work through various techniques. It is incredible for our overall well-being and has various benefits such as:  

Improved flexibility 

Stress relief  

Better mental health 

Reduced inflammation 

Increased strength and immunity 

Reduced anxiety 

Overall improved quality of life 

Better sleep 

Raised self-esteem 

yoga courses
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What was introduced by Swami Vivekananda as an adaptation of yoga without asanas in the late 18th and 19th centuries is now practiced by one and all across the globe. Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages and it can also become an integral part of your recovery and potentially help you heal faster. Knowing the immense benefits that the practice provides, scroll down to read about different courses that you can easily make the most out of on our app.  

1. A Journey of 8 Asanas by Nishtha Bijlani 

nishtha bijlani

About the expert:  

Nishtha is a Mumbai-based yoga expert trained in counselling therapy and REBT. With the experience of 6 years, she has also travelled internationally for multiple workshops. She specializes in Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Restorative yoga.  

About the course:  

Nishtha takes you on a beginner’s guide to understanding the deep connection between yoga and meditation. With postures ranging from basic asana foundations to kriya practices, you will learn to understand the basics of yoga and learn it at the foundation level. Perfect for people who have never tried it before.  

2. Natal and Prenatal Care by Sneha Desai 

sneha desai

About the expert:  

A Ying yoga expert Sneha has dedicated many years to finding fun and innovative ways of sharing her knowledge of this lesser-known form of the practice. She started her practice in 2004 and Yogashakti, Kuala Lumpur, and has obtained her RYS 400 hours. She has also done her certification for kids’ yoga and enjoys teaching them. She is an expert in integrative yoga, restorative yoga, and yog nidra. 

About the course:

Post childbirth, a woman’s body needs to heal and postpartum yoga is designed to help the body recover. Using the simple asanas that can be done right after delivery. Sneha demonstrates how to bring your body back to full strength and functionality. With the help of these asanas, find your energy chakras getting balanced, lower your blood pressure, and your muscles recover. 

3. Yoga for Better Digestion by Pooja Nidadavolu 

pooja nidadavolu

About the expert:  

A certified hatha yoga teacher from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madurai; Pooja has been helping both beginners and experts. Previously, worked in the marketing world for over a decade, and she found balance in her life through the practice. She likes to focus on holistic well-being and her classes are a combination of pranayama, asana, and relaxation techniques.   

About the course:  

Modern-day lifestyle has affected our eating habits to a great extent leading to multiple digestion and health issues. These asanas by Pooja will accelerate the digestive system, to ensure that your gut is always healthy. If acidity, stomach gas, and indigestion are your common complaints, then these asanas will prove to be a boon.  

4. Breathing Basics by Ira Trivedi 

ira trivedi

About the expert:  

Ira is a well-known name in the world of yoga. Apart from being a bestselling author, she was also on the team that led the first International Day of Yoga in New Delhi. She is also the founder of Namami Yoga, an organization that teaches yoga. 

About the course: 

Breathing right has so many benefits to the body and mind, and the best way to practice it is to be in a good posture which must be taught through yoga. Ira will take you through multiple asanas that are made to make us aware of each breath that we take. These asanas will engage your lungs, and also relax the mind, by de-stressing and calming us down and improving immunity levels.  

5. By Body For Mind by Edi Golara 

edi golara

About the expert:  

Edi has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years now. With 7 books authored, he has 40+ certificates in his kitty making him an excellent yoga instructor. Apart from these, he has a Masters in Sociology, Psychology, and Public Administration which allows him to understand and collect people better. 

About the course:  

Muscle spasms, backache, and body pains are something we are growing increasingly familiar with. Edi takes you through these asanas that can be performed at home to help strengthen your core muscles, bones, and lungs’ breathing capacity. These asanas will also help stretch your spine, arms, and legs to improve your body posture. Edi will involve you in asanas that are therapeutic and increase blood flow to the brain, to relieve mental stress and fatigue. 

6. Yoga For Focus & Balance by Sabrina Merchant  

About the expert:  

Sabrina is an Internationally Certified Yoga teacher and happiness coach, but she is self-admittedly first and foremost a mother. Her goal is to transform the yoga teaching experience and connect children with their minds and body to transform their life. With a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification under her belt, her capsules are designed to fire up young minds and calm little hearts. They are inspired by her interactions with her daughter and focus on children’s fundamental emotions, helping them express and dissipate each of them.  

About the session:  

Yoga isn’t just for adults. It can teach children the necessary life skills required to succeed in life. Teaching this practice to your child and using yoga in the classroom can have a positive impact on your child’s overall wellbeing. Are you tired of telling your child to concentrate and to stop getting distracted? This flow is to help your kid bring their attention to what they need to tackle first.  

You can access the following courses by downloading the ThinkRight.Me app.  

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