Want To Be A Yoga Master? Here’s The List Of India’s Best Yoga Schools

Want To Be A Yoga Master? Here’s The List Of India’s Best Yoga Schools

Want to master the art and get certified? Here’s how you can.
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The ancient practice of Yoga has been very well received amongst the younger generations. Not only has Yoga helped us stay calm, composed and find ourselves more relaxed. It has also helped us with body exercises and burning calories.  

Always wondered how you can get certified or master the art?

Most of the Yoga studios require their instructors to have a 200-hour Yoga certification course before they start. It is an essential first step from where one can keep evolving as a teacher. We have compiled a list of India’s best Yoga schools for you to get trained at.

Here’s where you can learn Yoga in India: – 


Located on Patnem beach in South Goa it seems more upmarket than other teacher training centres in India, the school offers residential packages with apartments and cottages overlooking the beach and delicious traditional Indian vegan food. Tarun Agarwal is the founder and trained under the Sant Chana Baba for meditation and yogic spiritual talks. He started Asana Classes with Swami Vidhyanand Saraswati at Sivananda Kutir Yoga Ashram and was trained there in several different styles of yoga: Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Sivananda, Kundalini and Raja. At the same time, he learnt Ayurveda from Dr. Manoj Sharma. He started teaching yoga at the age of 14. They teach Vinaysana Flow and Ashtanga and offer 100hr, 200hr, 300hr, 500hr. You can read up more here.  

Trimurti, Dharamshala

One of the most well-established schools in the world, it’s also known as the Yoga laboratory. They offer courses that are a well-rounded mix of traditional Hatha Yoga and modern styles of Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Aerial. Packages include healthy Indian food, and a range of lodging to meet budgets.  Their multi-style 200hr course emphasizes practical learning and working with diverse body types. You can learn more about this school here.  

Samyak Yoga, Mysore

Samyak is known for people who are serious about learning Ashtanga yoga and this makes it one of the most renowned places to learn ashtanga yoga. The yoga learning school is situated on the banks of river Kaveri. Students can learn Ashtanga yoga with minimum distractions. The 200hr and 300hr courses cover a traditional basis of yoga, incorporating meditation and techniques of pranayama and kriya. To know more about the course you can read here.  

Yoga Center, Rishikesh

The highly revered Yoga centre in North India has small classes and a comprehensive syllabus on Hatha and Vinaysa yoga. Anadi Yoga Centre offers 200, 300 & 500 hour, four to eight-week residential yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh, India. Our courses are certified by Yoga Alliance. Anadi Yoga Centre strives to provide its students with an understanding of traditional Hatha Yoga practice while also sharing their teachings of theory and yoga philosophy from basic to advance levels. The fees for these yoga training courses include food, private accommodation with attached bath, course materials and local sightseeing. You can learn more about the Yoga centre here.  

 Association for Yoga and Meditation, Rishikesh

It is one of the most popular schools in Rishikesh. They are known for their experienced yoga teachers and a very thorough training program. Their 200 –hour yoga teacher training offers classes in a wide variety of styles including the alignment of Iyengar. Students get to enjoy ayurveda inspired food as nutritious meals daily. To know more about this yoga centre you can read here.  

Ultimately, what matters is what you’re comfortable with. Shared dorms are an economical option but you may want a private room to cool off after an intensive training session. Choose wisely! 

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