5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Become More Connected With Yourself 

5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Become More Connected With Yourself 

Yoga is a holistic tool that allows us to feel connected to the physical and spiritual aspects of the being. Here are five ways that connection manifest.
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Connection – a word most valued by humans. In the context of yoga, connection plays a very important role. After all, yoga means unity. Connecting the mind, body, and soul while practicing yoga enhances our practice. It brings us more awareness, gives us ability and strength, and finally gives life and meaning to physical practice. Yoga, therefore, is the union of the small self within us with the infinite.  

The practices of yoga, including asana and meditation, reconnect us to things we may have been conditioned to suppress, within our own bodies and our true feelings. Through yoga, we can tune back into some of the most basic aspects of our humanity. To a yogi, the word connection holds a lot of importance. It provides a technique to unite the body and soul, the mind and breath, the inner core to being, and then to the spiritual aspect of the being. This unification leads to greater connection off the mat with loved ones, friends, family, our work, environment, etc.  

Here are 5 ways yoga helps us feel and become more connected to every aspect of life, and self. 

  1. Body-Mind Connection: With daily practice, the mind and body become more synchronized, diminishing feeling exhausted, disconnected, and fragmented. Consciously uniting the mind and body through breath and posture, yoga induces a positive feeling. It makes us more present-minded, focused, and energized.  
  1. Deep Connection to Self: One of the most crucial connections yoga builds is with the Self. To achieve the mind-body-soul unification that yoga encourages, it takes practice. Through this progression and self-achievement, we are able to become the best versions of ourselves and transform our entire being.  
  1. Connection to Your Instinct for Awareness: Yoga helps develop a deeper connection with your inner-Self, which brings clarity to the mind. When your mind is clear, you can begin to focus on your life’s path and goals. In these moments of clarity, we ignite realization awareness and tap into our instinct.  
  1. Relationships Become More Meaningful: We are all connected by prana (vital life force) that flows within and around us. We refer to it as energy. Understanding this connection and knowing that you have an energetic effect on people through words, actions and even thoughts will help you treat others with loving kindness.  
  1. Feel Part of Your Immediate Environment: Practicing yoga outdoors can feel incredibly invigorating and leaves you feeling deeply connected to your immediate environment. Prana flows through creation at every level, the environment included.  

Yoga means union, and through this practice, we can cultivate connections that positively impact our entire beings and lives – connections that are so desperately needed in our modern society. The power of it for self-care is that it creates an easy and sustainable habit, is a holistic and balanced approach to wellness, and strengthens our emotional resilience so that we can easily deal with difficult circumstances to prevent stress and burnout. 

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