Could Your Marriage Be On The Rocks Due To Social Media?

Could Your Marriage Be On The Rocks Due To Social Media?

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Advances in technology have led to more social media platforms in our lives. Though participating in social media is a personal choice, staying away is difficult. Recent studies blame social media for fractured relationships, leading to a rise in marital issues.

Signs Of Marital Strife:

Social Insecurity

Human nature invariably makes social comparisons. Scrolling through social media feeds can lead to anxiety because someone appears to have a better job or lifestyle. This perception of others doing better than you create low self-worth which leads to a negative mindset and makes you socially insecure.. It deflates your confidence, enthusiasm, and dedication, which can affect your married life.

Making Comparisons

When people share their ‘perfect lives’ on social media, you resent their ability to lead the kind of life you aspire towards. Examples of people glorifying their love on social media such as someone’s successful dating life or a friend enjoying a wonderful trip with his/her spouse leads to discontentment and self- pity. This can invade your marital space.

Lack Of Effort

Most people are glued to their phones and relationships take a back seat. Social media has replaced the effort people would otherwise have made to communicate in their marriages. This lack of effort leads to a fracture and hampers the natural progression of that special marital bond.

Loss Of Intimacy

Demands from work and lifestyle take a toll on relationships. Lives revolve around social media and not responding to a WhatsApp or commenting on a Facebook post leads to partners feeling ignored. Such a reaction is an inevitable consequence in this age of social media and even if there is a genuine reason, the lack of response can cause marital discord.

Lack Of Commitment

Social media access makes it convenient for people to indulge in casual relationships, leading to increased arguments, plummeting commitments and a spurt in extramarital affairs.

social media and marriage problems
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Balancing Social Media & Marital Woes

Discourage Comparisons

Comparisons can be healthy but in some situations, cause more harm. Associating with someone’s social media life at the peril of your relationship can break a beautiful bond. The need of the hour is to focus on your relationship and work towards forming a stronger bond.

Be Honest/Transparent

There is no room for secrecy in a marriage. If there are issues, be open and transparent about them and actively seek help if necessary by communicating and consulting a therapist. Holding back crucial information or internal strife, about the relationship, is certain to compound the problem.

Work On Your Relationship

Problems that arise due to social media can be addressed but there must be a will to hold the marriage together. One way to start is for partners to set aside their gadgets and spend time doing mutually enjoyable activities.

Make Your Partner A Priority

Keep the spark of your relationship alive by focussing on your partner when you are together instead of planning your social media post. Your partner deserves your attention and your pampering. Be spontaneous after all no emoticon can replace a dinner date or a sunset drive.

Social media and marital woes can be kept in balance if the lines are clearly demarcated. The need of the hour is to let your real world take precedence over your virtual world. Social media should not become the stumbling block in your marriage.

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