Stress in life

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Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. In today’s hustle and bustle, stress is an unavoidable guest. And the more we keep it, the harder it becomes. The easiest way to deal with stress is to not let it overshadow every single instant in your life. And the truth is the more you mull over it, the more you think about it day and night, it will simply grow stronger. Here is a short story to exemplify this thought.

There was once a psychology professor, who was teaching stress management to an auditorium full of students. 

She raised a glass of water and asked her students how heavy the glass of water is. The answers ranged from eight ounces to a few pounds.  In reply she said that the weight of the glass was not the matter of concern here. It depended on how long she would hold it for. What mattered was perspective. If she held the glass for only a minute or two, the weight would be fairly light. If she would hold on to the glass for a bit longer, like a few hours, the weight of the glass would make her arm hurt, thereby making her feel that the glass had become heavier. If the time frame would increase to a day it would numb her arm. The weight of the glass hadn’t changed, but with each passing moment, it would feel heavier to her.

Stress and worries are very similar to this glass of water. The longer you hold on them, the more they will weigh you down, ultimately harming your personal and professional lives. The negativity given out by such feelings is extremely strong and pulls you further down in to this abyss. SO in order to rid your life of any stress and worry, learn to take things in their stride. Whenever you feel an anxious, always remember that it is just a phase, and everything will be sorted. Letting that stress linger on will not help solve any problem.

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