Bedtime Story – Tenali Rama & The Weight Lifter

Bedtime Story – Tenali Rama & The Weight Lifter

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Tenali Raman Short Story In English:

Tenali Rama was traveling to Hampi, with his wife. On their way, they came across a small town. There was a huge crowd gathered near the village temple. His wife got curious and dragged Rama with her to see what the hustle was all about. They pushed their way through the crowd and saw a bodybuilder in the center.

There he was, a six feet man, exhibiting his strength by carrying a huge gunny bag on his left shoulder; and proudly twirling his mustache with his right hand!

The challenge:

A man standing next to Rama said, “He is carrying 500 quintals of rice”. To this Rama said loudly, “This is nothing! I can carry a hundred times more weight”. Everyone turned towards Rama in amuse, including the bodybuilder.

Enjoying all this attention, Rama pointed towards a nearby hill and said, “Of course, I can carry that hill on my bare shoulder”. The villagers gaped at him, and his wife was stunned!

Although it sounded bizarre, everyone was super excited on hearing this and started cheering for Rama. He said, “I said I can do it. But did I say I’ll do it right now? Carrying a hill requires months of preparation”.

He turned to the bodybuilder and asked, “For how long did you prepare to lift this gunny bag of rice?” “Three months”, he replied. To which the village chief asked Rama, “How long will you take?”

And Rama said, “Six months! I need to eat a lot of food to build muscles and I’ll also need somebody to massage my body, daily”. His wife also played along. She said, “We would also need a house to live. We’re not from this village”.

The village chief made all arrangements for them and asked the bodybuilder to give Rama a body massage, daily. “We’ll gather here, exactly six months from now”, he announced.

Now, at least for 6 months, they would not have to worry about food. Villagers bought in milk, honey, curd, rice, and what not! Rama was indeed leading a lavish life.

The D-Day:

6 months passed by swiftly, and the D-day arrived. The whole town had gathered to watch this heroic act! Rama stood in the center of the circle and sat down, and announced that he was ready. Everyone was puzzled, and the village chief asked impatiently, “What are you waiting for?”

“I’m waiting for your men to place the hill on my shoulder”, Rama replied calmly.

“But who will lift the hill?”

“That’s your problem!”

The chief understood that Tenali had outwitted them, he joined his hands in salutation, and everyone started laughing!

Think Right Tip:

  • The use of intellect and wit can tackle the biggest of problems.

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