Bedtime Story – Monkey & Crocodile

Bedtime Story – Monkey & Crocodile

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Monkey And Crocodile Story In Simple English:

Once, there was a Jamun tree on the bank of a river. It bore really sweet and delicious jamun fruits throughout the year. The tree was also home to a monkey, Chimpu. He used to spend his time playing, jumping and eating the sweet fruits of the tree. One day, a crocodile named Kaalia swam out of the river to rest under the jamun tree. Upon seeing him, Chimpu greeted him as his guest and offered him some jamun. Kaalia loved them! Thanking him for his generosity, the crocodile bade him goodbye.

This became a regular thing. Kaalia started coming to the jamun tree every day, and they became good friends. They would spend time talking to each other while eating jamun. One day Kalia told Chimpu that he wanted to take some jamun to his wife to enjoy their heavenly taste. The monkey happily plucked some fruits and gave them to him.

Kaalia went home and gave the fruits to his wife. He also told her about his friendship with the monkey. She told her husband, if the fruits were so tasty, the monkey who eats them every day would be tastier. 

Kaalia’s wife asked him to bring the heart of the monkey. He tried to refuse, but she would just not listen. Kaalia devised a plan to trick the monkey. He went up to him and said that his wife loved the fruits so much she wanted to meet him. So the monkey hopped onto his friend’s back and they swam across the river.

monkey and crocodile story in simple English.
Kaalia carrying Chimpu on his back | Image: File Image

As soon as they entered the deeper ends of the river, Kaalia told Chimpu his real intention of killing him for his heart. He was very sorry but had to do so to please his wife.

The monkey was smart and stayed calm. He told his friend, that he should have mentioned this earlier. They would have to turn back, as the monkey hid his heart in the burrows of the jamun tree. The foolish crocodile believed him and they turned back towards the jamun tree. As soon as they got close to the tree, Chimpu jumped on to the tree and climbed to safety. Kaalia realised he was tricked. He felt ashamed for his actions and swam away never to return!

Think Right Tips:

  • The moral in this tale is that whenever in a difficult situation, one should never lose calm.
  • Use your intelligence to win in such hardships.

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