How To Ensure Your Child’s Online Safety?

How To Ensure Your Child’s Online Safety?

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As parents, every time your kid is online, you might think to yourself – how to protect my child on the internet? The World Wide Web is indeed an intricate web of knowledge. Anything and everything is available online; plus, there is a risk of cyberbullying. So, it is but natural for you to worry!

How do you safeguard your kid from all these grey areas? Read on and find out –

Answering The Question – How To Protect My Child On The Internet?

Update Yourself About The Internet

Children are quick learners, and there is a high probability that they know much more about the internet than you do. So, pace up, and keep yourself updated about the advancements, so that you can keep a track of things your children do on the internet.

how to protect my child on the internet
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Use Parental Control On The Wi-Fi Router

Your kid may access the internet in your absence. In such a case, limited access to the Wi-Fi makes sure that your kid does not have any unauthorised access. Disable the Wi-Fi before you leave home, or do not save the password.

Keep A Tab!

Now, this does not mean that to cling on to them and monitor every internet activity of theirs. You can do random checks, dig into the search history, and the time they spend on the internet. If you notice some history is being deleted, and sense something wrong, you can take the necessary steps.

Place The PC In Public Place

When you pass by, you can review the sites that your child is visiting. A watchful eye will reduce any harmful and unethical use of the internet. Even a casual graze lets them know that there is someone watching them.

Content Filtering

There are several software available out there which will help you safeguard the type of content your kid watches. It basically filters out and blocks unwanted websites. This is of huge help and it is not always possible to practice human control.

Communicate With Them!

Keeping the communication channel open is essential. Your kids are growing, and they might need answers to certain questions. Make them understand the consequences and effects of the misuse of the internet. Keeping them from the answers will furthermore make them curious, and they will rely on the internet for answers.

Think Right Tips:

  • Take preventive measures, rather than constantly keeping a tab – prevention is better than cure
  • With respect to their age and maturity, make them aware of the negative side of the www
  • If you come across something fishy, make them understand, rather than scolding them

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