How Can You Discipline Your Toddler?

How Can You Discipline Your Toddler?

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Can you love someone yet be mad at them at the same time? Yes! Parents will probably best relate to this when their kid is creating havoc! Children usually become hyperactive from the age of 2, and this behaviour does indeed test our patience. It is in moments like these, we feel the urge to smack them. But we know, hitting is never the solution. So now, how to discipline a 2-year-old without hitting? Read on to know –

How To Discipline a 2-year-old Without Hitting:

Be consistent:

Parents who do not stick to rules and consequences, teach their kids the same. Remember the child observes you very carefully. With children, always practice what you preach.

how to discipline a 2 year old without hitting
Disciplining can be fun too! | Image: File Image
Eliminate temptation:

A 2-year-old is extremely curious. They want to explore the world. In order to discipline your child, it is important to eliminate any temptation. Keep things like TV, phones, and other electronics out of reach.

Practice timeout:

If you need to be stricter with your child, then ‘time outs’ are an effective method. If your child is in a frenzy, it is best to make them sit in a corner. This will give them some time to cool down.

Avoid temper tantrums:

Even the most well-behaved children show tantrums from time to time. This is mostly because children cannot express everything they feel. Give them a little control over their lives. Like, let them decide whether they want an apple or a banana.

Keep your own cool:

If your child is throwing a tantrum, it doesn’t help if you lose your cool too. This just makes matters worse. As a parent, it is your duty to provide comfort to your child. A 2-year-old does not understand things going on around them. Love and support them, and things will be better!

Think Right Tips:

  • Balance is the key – know when to let go, and when to pull the string
  • Understand that disciplining will not happen over-night, give your kid time
  • Don’t forget they are kids, let them enjoy their childhood!

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