6 Mindful Summer Activities For Happy, Balanced Kids

6 Mindful Summer Activities For Happy, Balanced Kids

Summer vacations are joyous for kids but exhausting for parents. Engage in these mindful games to boost your child's learning in a fun way.
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Kids impatiently start anticipating their summer vacations as the season approaches. Every student’s life is at its happiest during this time. The summer months can be a wonderful time to develop close relationships with your kids. Kids can have fun and enjoy their time off from school over the summer. But parents may find it challenging because they don’t want their kids to get bored or restless. That’s why its important to plan out activities such as games that boost your child’s learning through the vacation.

Over the summer, kids are more likely to be at home alone and bored, which might make them antsy. As the summer is a great time to learn new things, parents should make sure that they keep teaching their children different skills even when school is not in session. In order for kids to understand what is expected of them when they are at home over the summer, it is crucial that parents establish norms with expectations or restrictions. These limitations will assist in keeping their child engaged during this time. 


Give yourself and your kids the gift of slowing down and being more engaged by trying these ideas for making the most of these lovely summer days.

6 Mindful Summer Vacation Games To Boost Your Child’s Learning

1. Indulge in Exercises 

Yoga is one of the easiest and healthiest activities you can do with your kids, so make sure they practise it every day. This is excellent for improving general health and maintaining high energy levels, which is essential during these times. It’s a wonderful opportunity to teach your children the value of good health. If kids learn the discipline early in life, they’ll stay healthy for the rest of their lives. 

2. Encourage Reading 

Allowing your children to read what they enjoy is one of the best methods to make sure they form the habit of reading. Comic books can be excellent reading material for children. Then gradually provide them with short stories to read. Take some time to discuss the emotions of the characters (or animals) in the book with your children the next time you read a story to them. Sometimes it is simpler to talk about fictitious characters with kids because it can be difficult for them to express their own emotions. 


3. Cook and Bake 

Once or twice a week, you can schedule a cooking day. Let the children select a dinner from a menu of options for which you have the ingredients for. Get a cooking book for your kid to read read. Your child can get assistance from you as they follow the step-by-step instructions. Attempt to resist the impulse to do it yourself and let your kids do it. 

4. Go Out for Stargazing 

The summer months are ideal for observing the stars. This makes it easier to appreciate the wonders of nature. You and your family can cuddle up on a blanket as it will be the perfect weather to enjoy gazing at the stars. 


5. Write a Journal Daily 

Encourage your children to keep a journal every day. Their writing is improved as a result. By using this method, writing skills can be improved. Writing in a journal involves expressing one’s feelings, thoughts, stress levels, and other events. Their ability to reflect on themselves can be enhanced in this way. 

6. Practice Mindfulness Together 

Practicing mindfulness is a fantastic practise you can undertake with your family this summer. We can pause and be present because of mindfulness. Our presence and undivided attention are the greatest gifts we can provide to our kids. These are some enjoyable mindfulness exercises you may do with your family. 

Play the Listening Game

Pause for a while and pay attention to the sounds around you. Just listen to all the sounds from all directions, including your own body, while keeping your eyes closed. Make a mental note of every sound you hear. Open your eyes after a few minutes and tell your family what you heard. 

What’s New?

By paying attention, you can learn new things wherever you are. Play the “What’s New” game and explore your surroundings to see what you can find, whether you are in a new location or on your usual street. You will be astounded by how much is accessible to you that you have never noticed. 

There are countless simple and affordable ways to provide summertime entertainment for your children. Choose activities that you can participate in with your kids and assist them in developing new talents and skills. 

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