Have A Tiny-Tot? This Is The Best Parenting Tip You’ll Find!

Have A Tiny-Tot? This Is The Best Parenting Tip You’ll Find!

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Parenting is like walking on thin ice, you have to be very careful and take every step meticulously. Sure you want the best for your kid, and want to leave no stone unturned in their upbringing. There is no sure shot answer to the question – how to be a good parent to a toddler? But we sure have something in store for you – these are some little nuances that you might have overlooked!

Trying To Solve The Puzzle – How To Be A Good Parent To A Toddler?

Soar Their Self-Esteem! 

The Sponge Bobs that they are, toddlers observe and absorb everything happening around them. Whether it’s your tone, body language, or expression. Your tone, your body language, your expressions, are all taken up and absorbed by them. Little praising compliments; letting them do things on their own, will all add up to their self-esteem and make them feel proud. Let them know that it is okay to make mistakes and you shall love them regardless!

how to be a good parent to a toddler
That happy contagious smile! | Image: File Image
Spot The Goodness 

How would you take it if your boss always treated you with negative guidance, although it was well-intentioned? In the same fashion, you too should try and give positive criticism and appreciate them for the good things they do, no matter how small. Maybe something like ‘You completed all your veggies today, good job!’ or ‘You kept your toys in place without being asked, that’s great!’. Remember appreciation will a better teacher than criticism!

Maintain A Balance

Along with keeping the fun and frolic alive, you should exercise some discipline as well. This will help them develop self-control and choose acceptable behaviours. You might want to consider things like: no TV until homework is done, no name-calling, or hurtful teasing, etc.

Talk, Talk, Talk! 

Keep the communication channel open. Take them into confidence and let them know that they can talk about anything and everything. Since they are in their learning age and are curious about stuff, they might demand reasons for doing things. Instead of giving them the ‘because I told so’ statement, tell them why. Parents who reason with their kids open the window of greater understanding and learn in a nonjudgemental way.

Lastly, Leave Some Space For The New! 

If you find yourself getting upset because of your kid’s ‘non-complying’ behaviour, check with yourself. You might have some unrealistic expectations. Talk to other parents or child development specialists and cross-check if the above said is true. Change their surroundings, change your expectations, to change their behaviour. When things loosen up a bit, you have a blank slate and can start afresh!

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