This Afghan Father Travels 12km To Give His Daughter An Education

This Afghan Father Travels 12km To Give His Daughter An Education

The struggle of this father to educate his children is heart-warming as much as it’s inspiring.
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Parents surely go to great lengths to give the best to their children. This Afghan man is a living example of that. He travels 12km on his motorbike just so that his daughters get an education.

Mia Khan wants his daughters to get an education, just like his sons; and he takes them to their school in the Paktika province in Afghanistan for that. The girls’ study in the Nooraniya School for Girls, which is run by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

A resident of Sharana village, taking his daughters to school is a part of his daily routine. And that’s not all, he patiently waits for hours outside for them to complete the day till they are dismissed and takes them back home.

Making education a priority | Image: Facebook

It’s important for Khan that his daughters get an education as also there are no lady doctors in their region, he says.

A daily wage earner, though he’s illiterate, he stresses a lot on the education of the girls. Two of his daughters are in grade six while one in grade five.

One of Khan’s daughters, Rozi said that she was quite happy to study and that daily either her father or brother gets them to school and back.

It’s heartening to know of such stories coming from war-ridden Afghanistan that has serious restrictions when it comes to the education of girls in general in the country.

We salute this father who puts in such efforts for his children. Khan’s endeavour has gone viral on social media and many have applauded him as well.

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