There Is No Substitute For Hard Work In Life!

There Is No Substitute For Hard Work In Life!

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The only factor that bridges the gap between your dreams and reality is hard work!  Your dream is the vehicle that is set in motion by the fuel of hard work. Find your reason and realise what makes you want to work hard. Take it up with all your heart and let it burn like a fire in you! Perhaps a little tale is the best way to explain how –

What Makes You Want To Work Hard Is What Is Worthy

There once lived a priest who was extremely lazy and poor. He dreamt of becoming rich but was not ready to make any efforts and work hard for it. He used to beg for food and supplies.

what makes you want to work hard
Hard work can bridge the gap! | Image: File Image

One day, he received a pot of milk as alms. Happily, he went home with it. After drinking a little, he put the rest to curdle, thinking he would make curd from it. He kept the milk aside and fell asleep. Soon after, he started dreaming of how he could mint money with the milk. The curdled milk would become yogurt, from which he would churn butter and make ghee.

He then would sell the ghee and make a lot of money. And with it, he would buy fancy clothes and dwell in riches. While he was jolly well imagining all of this, he rolled over and accidentally broke the pot of milk! His dreams of going from rags to riches were shattered! If only he had not dreamt of easy money and worked hard instead, he could have fulfilled his dreams.

How Can You Think Right & Learn A Lesson From This?

There are no short cuts in life, and there is no substitute for hard work.

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