How To Use The Power of Visualisation To Create Your Reality

How To Use The Power of Visualisation To Create Your Reality

Seeing is believing. Build your best life and achieve your dreams and goals with the great power of visualisation.
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Do you ever wonder where you’ll be in five years’ time? Will you have achieved most of your goals set for that time? How would you answer these questions? Most people would say, “I haven’t completely figured it out yet,” and that is completely normal. You’re not alone and there are several ways you can get the answer to these questions. One of the most powerful ways being visualisation.  

What Is The Power Of Visualisation?  

The power of visualisation is your ability to create a reality you don’t see physically yet. When you desire something, you focus your mental energy and attention on it, this gets amplified by emotions and eventually manifests itself in your reality. As world-renowned spiritual guide Sister BK Shivani explains, “Thoughts manifest. Thoughts become our reality.” However, not all thoughts and ideas are created equally. Some are negative and can work against you as well. The true purpose of harnessing this power is to make it work for your prosperity.  

How Can You Visualise?  

Visualisation, as the name suggests, is the act of creating mental pictures in your mind of the most desirable outcome. You create these images by using the five senses to mentally rehearse the outcome. It rewires your brain and prepares you to respond in a certain way, conditioning your brain to see, hear, and feel the success before it happens. It’s almost like seeing your life unfold within your inner eye. To start your visualisation practice, follow the steps below.  

Step 1: Decide What You Want

Write down what you would like to visualise as your reality. Image | Unsplash / Jan Baborák

Have a crystal-clear vision of your desired outcome before you start and know exactly what you’re setting your mind to by engaging all five senses.  

Step 2: Add Emotions To Your Outcome

Imagine how fulfilled you’ll feel for accomplishing the outcome of your desires. You may not know how to get there yet but you know how good it feels, embrace that and believe it.  

Step 3: Take Action Every Day

Accept that there will be setbacks along the way and imagine how you’ll deal with them as they come. But keep continuing forward toward your goal.  

Step 4: Keep Learning

By expanding your knowledge, you prepare yourself for adversities as well as strengthen your vision statement to move towards your goal.  

Build your knowledge to create a clear vision of what you want from your life. Image | Unsplash / Windows

Step 5: Take Time Out To Visualise

Visualise twice every day for a total of 10 minutes to make the most of it. The best times are the moments after you wake up and before you sleep.  

Visualisation can help you make better and stronger decisions and attain what you want in life. If you won’t think about your goals, who will? Visualising your success will bring confidence and train your brain for success everywhere you go.  

To learn in-depth on how to harness the power of visualisation, download the app and practice our guided course.

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