E-Vehicles In Hyderabad To Reduce Carbon Footprint

E-Vehicles In Hyderabad To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Climate change is a burning topic today. However, these transportation services in Hyderabad are doing their bit for the environment.
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The increasing carbon footprint is worrisome and with everything going the eco-friendly way, can transport be left behind? These public transport services in Hyderabad are consciously doing their bit to protect the environment.

A couple of decades ago e-autos or electric vehicles were only a dream. Afterall, how could this concept even become a reality? And who thinks about the environment anyway? However, a few years down the line and the concern to save the planet was no longer just a thought or concept. It grew to huge proportions and how. And there are hundred of examples form across the world of people and groups doing their bit to protect and preserve the ecology.

E-autos all the way | Image: ANI News

One such initiative is a fleet of electric autos and bikes service called ‘e-Ayana’ that was recently introduced in Hyderabad. This service is a True Green First Exclusive Fleet Service that was launched to tackle pollution.

Managing Director of the company, Mr Sandeep said that their team basically concentrates on some innovations in new technology and as a part of this, they had conducted an in-depth study in the e-mobility sector. And, for the past 10 years, they were into serving the solar industry.

The company operates its own e-bikes and e-autos and their efforts are also to generate employment opportunities as the drivers would be their partners.

The best part of the initiative is that the batteries would be charged through solar power. And, the customer would receive a note stating the number of carbon dioxide savings after the ride. This would make the customer feel happy about the fact that they have helped in reducing air pollution, making it a better planet for the coming generations.

E-taxis are popular too | Image: The News Minute

However, ‘e-Ayana’ is not the only one to have an eco-friendly fleet. Green Mile had launched e-taxis a couple of years ago that operates from different parts of the city to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Green Mile too works towards sustainable transportation and have a charging stations in across the city. 

Green Mile Director V Siddharth stated that one diesel taxi releases exhaust fumes that are equal to 25 private diesel cars; while electric vehicles release zero emissions. So, Mr Siddharath says that they believe that their e-vehicles and charging stations are the perfect green alternative for a green and clean Hyderabad.

To wrap up, we can say that Hyderabad seems to be leading the way when it comes to protecting the planet. The city is quite mindful and focused about the issue of climate change and has taken major steps towards reducing the carbon footprint.

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