10th Board Exams Cancelled, See How Students Will Be Graded

10th Board Exams Cancelled, See How Students Will Be Graded

No need for parents to panic just because boards have been cancelled. Here are a few things you can keep in mind.
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The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has decided to cancel the Class 10 board exam 2021 in view of the worsening COVID-19 outbreak. Meanwhile, the state government has also postponed the class 12 exams until further notice.  

Speaking with Sheetal Bapat from Seekhlo.Com, a learning platform to enhance your child’s skills in further career planning, we learned more about the new evaluation of grade exams of 10 this year.  

She said, “NEP is anyways planning to abolish the grade 10 as an exit exam so it high time we parents also get over this fascination with grade 10 marks or as we call it board exams. Even otherwise, if the weighted average of marks from 8th to 10th and subject-wise scores of your children are analyzed, you will get a real sense of your child’s achievement and plan their career in a more informed way.” 

Sheetal emphasized the fact that you must analyse the subject-wise marks of the last two years and set career goals accordingly for their children. This, according to her become the stepping stones for their future ahead. When it comes to choosing subjects, she suggests that they can choose the streams aligned to their goals and let the children focus on the 11th and 12th curriculum and preparations for the entrance exam for further undergraduate courses.  

Talking about alternative options, she says “ You can also choose NIOS – National Institute of Open Schooling and home school. Online is anyway a new normal and self-study works well for children of this age,” thus pointing out how times have changed and we must choose the best alternative for our children. At the same time, she has another alternative for kids who are into practical work and look for careers in the same. She suggests that you can start skill-based courses for them to pave way for the future.  

Sheetal strongly suggests that one shouldn’t push their kids into the science stream just because you feel many options are open after science. She says, “Let them choose science only if they are interested or have the aptitude for it,  or it is a prerequisite for the undergraduate courses they have planned to choose.” 

Talking about unconventional career choices, Sheetal says, “Take a deep breath, it’s not the end of the world! It’s more about what their world is going to look like. Just ensure that it’s not a fantasy and your child has enough logical groundwork to make this choice. If it’s just a fantasy, they will get over this in the next two years by themselves.” 

Simple and easy.   

Speaking about mental wellbeing she also emphasized how important it was. She asks to monitor their behavioral patterns and keep the channel of communication open to whatever issue they have.  

She signed off by adding, “Remember that the world is in this together. Today’s grades will not matter as much as the life skills and values children pick up in these difficult times.” 

Sit tight, hold on because we are all on this ride together and it will get better one day.  

Just keep one thought in mind, if it’s tough for you imagine how tough it could be on the children.  

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